Durian update on pricing at Paragon Singapore

At Paragon Shopping Centre in Singapore along Orchard Road, the basement is a hive of activity. The supermarket is crowded and many of the eateries had queues. Spotted 2 durian items which I thought you might like to know are available in the heart of the shopping district of Singapore.

Mountain King Cat durian in Cold Storage Supermarket

Malaysian Durians are still available in this Cold Storage (not every one stocks them), there is no smell ( I guess they are well chilled) and it’s on special offer now. It’s not peak durian season at the moment, so maybe these aren’t the absolute best, but if you have to have it, then it’s a great bargain.

Durian Fudge from Subway Niche

How about Durian Fudge? I was thinking about trying it but the consideration of the calories I’ve just piled on kind of got in the way. It also looked kind of gelatinous and I think if you can afford to buy fresh durians, that would win hands down anytime. Having said that, Subway Niche does do reliable cookies and cakes. The pandan chiffon,  traditional butter cakes and malay kuehs are not too sweet and very tasty.

Durian Beancurd Wins Stinky Spikes vote for weirdest combination

In Asia, we have a dessert that is called “dou hua”, literally translated as bean flower. Typically its the juice of the soyabean which is extracted and curdled to form a smooth, light substance resembling a wobbly mix between jello and custard. Eaten with a bit of sugary syrup, this dessert is popular for breakfast and throughout the day and all hours of the night (there are 24 hour joints selling this too).

Now comes the wacky part. For years I have only known this dessert to have one flavor, but now to get ahead, new varieties are being offered as novelty for diners. I found this dessert sign in Singapore off Sixth Avenue along Anamalai Avenue at the food stalls. I went there to buy some noodles and popiah for home and spotted this very strange dessert above the advertisement for a steamboat.

I don’t think I’m a big fan of durian dou hua, not that interested to try it because it’s probably just using the essence and flavoring which always tastes pretty fake to me. But if you’d like to try it while in Singapore (it’s not far from Durian Lingers), then I’ve included a little map here for you to find it.

Durian beancurd at the Sixth Avenue Stalls

Location of Durian Dou Hua Stall on Sixth Avenue

After eating Durians, do you need a tissue?

YES!! And a sink to wash your hands, and then a tissue to dry your hands after.

What better way to remind yourself then having a tissue box with a durian on it? It’s funny that the other fruits featured are bananas, pineapples and mangosteen. Maybe the next edition will have duku, cempadak, jambu and watermelon. Not quite the same textures I guess…

Even tissue boxes have durians on them

If you’re desperate for Durian at Changi Airport….

The Durian Mpire Stall at Terminal 3 Changi Airport

You can find a durian shop at Terminal 3, near the Sky Train.

I was on my way to Egypt via SQ a few weeks ago and had to transit through terminals at Changi Airport. It’s quite a nicely designed little place, very clean with no smells but bright lighting with the soothing pastel colors and a shape of a tree on its pillar. Imagine my surprise when I found a little shop selling durian products at the airport. Called “Durian Mpire” by the 717 trading company (well known in Singapore for their durian stall), this shop doesn’t actually sell the real thing but all the derivatives and processed products of durian.

Let me show you what I mean.

Various Durian dessert on offer

More durian desserts!

Well, what I went for in the end was the Durian Mini Mooncakes, I decided to buy some to take for our friends who have probably never heard of durian or mooncakes let alone tasted a durian mooncake. A box of nine sets you back about SGD 40 so it ain’t cheap but they do come in a nice tin box and the staff offer to wrap it in a special sealed plastic shrink wrap so that there is no smell. They seemed confident about it lasting more than 12 hours but I have to say that I would not recommend this to anyone. Anyway this is a seasonal offering, only during the mooncake festival. Otherwise its just the other pastries probably, which do not smell quite as much.

Durian Mini Mooncakes

Durian Mini mooncakes to take away

Now this was kind of funny, they had an extra signboard out front to advertise the “fresher” offerings like a hot durian pancake, a durian smoothie and durian waffles (not available according to the poster). I didn’t see any seating areas near the shop and was wondering how one would sit and enjoy the snacks while hot… and the durian smoothie seemed like a killer item to drink at the airport when they don’t really want you stinking up the plane or service areas!

Other Durian Offerings at Durian Mpire

And here is the story of how the company got started. I think you’ll find the owner’s motto quite amusing….

Durian 717 Founder’s Motto

Durian 717 Poster



Udders Ice Cream Durian

Tough choice?: Mao Shan Wang or the D24 Ice cream?

Looks like Durian ice cream is now all the rage, with shops in Singapore even distinguishing between D24 and Mau Sang Wang. I wonder when we’re going to get all the flavors of durian, can you imagine an all durian ice cream shop, serving from Ang Hae to D101 to XO? That’ll be funny!

Anyway, Udders ice cream cafe is in Upper Bukit Timah and very much a student hang out joint.

The Damage (aka Price List)

The owner is a teacher (or former teacher, not sure) so that’s pretty self explanatory how the clients came to know about it. I give it a 2/5 for ambience and similarly for the taste of the ice-cream which I didn’t think was that fantastic. Scoop is more my type of thing.

Anyway some pictures here and if you’re in a desperate fix for ice cream while in the area then I guess that’s the place to hit.

Cutesy student place run by students and owned by a teacher

A queue awaits at the Durian Counter at Udders