Durian Beancurd Wins Stinky Spikes vote for weirdest combination

In Asia, we have a dessert that is called “dou hua”, literally translated as bean flower. Typically its the juice of the soyabean which is extracted and curdled to form a smooth, light substance resembling a wobbly mix between jello and custard. Eaten with a bit of sugary syrup, this dessert is popular for breakfast and throughout the day and all hours of the night (there are 24 hour joints selling this too).

Now comes the wacky part. For years I have only known this dessert to have one flavor, but now to get ahead, new varieties are being offered as novelty for diners. I found this dessert sign in Singapore off Sixth Avenue along Anamalai Avenue at the food stalls. I went there to buy some noodles and popiah for home and spotted this very strange dessert above the advertisement for a steamboat.

I don’t think I’m a big fan of durian dou hua, not that interested to try it because it’s probably just using the essence and flavoring which always tastes pretty fake to me. But if you’d like to try it while in Singapore (it’s not far from Durian Lingers), then I’ve included a little map here for you to find it.

Durian beancurd at the Sixth Avenue Stalls

Location of Durian Dou Hua Stall on Sixth Avenue