It’s here. But it’s expensive.

The Mao Shan Wongs have arrived. 猫山王。

Its HKD 138 per pound. So a titchy little green spikey durian is going to set you back about HKD 500. 

Hmm. Ok no garnishing in the photos.

I couldn’t detect any scent at all in this batch. 

The boss had just put one in a bag for someone else. One down, two to go…

Here you can see the weight and price. These durians are very small, hopefully the quality is good.

Malaysian Durian Season in Hong Kong starting now

Ok. I had a waft of it this afternoon in the market. It’s unmistakable Mao Shan Wang.

It was raining, I was carrying a ton of stuff and in a hurry to get out of the wet shoes.

Will update you again tomorrow on deeper investigation.