Durians at Central Market, Pasar Seni

When it is Durian season you can often find them everywhere! Even selling in front of the Central Market near Petaling Street.

This used to be a market, but is now more of a tourist attraction for local arts and crafts. Still beautiful though and we hope it stays that way.

Durian Fruit Stall at Central Market

MRI of a durian

My sis who hates durian sent this to me.. I thought that this was really a cool abstract way to view this elegant fruit.

You can see the pellicles and embryos developing inside the seeds and the husks that keep the fruit ensconed safely within.

Durian MRI

Durian Chalet

I didn’t get to check it out but if you’re in Kuala Tahan, Taman Negara, you could check it out… no assurances on quality though!

We went to Taman Negara (Malaysia’s wonderful primary jungle rainforest) over the weekend (2D and 1N itinerary) and had a fantastic time. We stayed at the Mutiara Resort which is in the Park. This joint however, was on the other side of the river along with the rest of the budget places.

I didn’t see any durian trees in the Park but I’m sure there were deeper within. The animals and the jungle is pretty efficient in that way I think, birds, monkeys and other animals keep things in order.

Durian Chalet at Kuala Tahan