Donald’s Durian

Map of Durian Stalls

Map of Durian Stalls

Tel: 012 225 8704


Greenview Durians on Rothman’s Roundabout (opposite Lisa De Inn):

Tel: 016- 393 2392

Stocks the MSW, Tauwa, Bamboo, XO,  D24, D101,

39 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. Hi,

    Me and my wife would pop by KL for a short getaway at times from SG.. to savour and satisfy my cravings of durian and other gastronomical foods that only KL has.

    Possible to share with us in detail where do u frequent for ur durian feasts?

    Thank U 🙂

    • Hi Trevor!

      Great to hear that you enjoy the culinary delights of KL and would be delighted to share the details and locations with you in a blog post. Will do that later this week if you’re not in too much of a hurry…

      Stinky happy always,

      • Hi Trevor!

        Sorry I haven’t been able to provide you a listing of the durian places yet, meant to do it last week but I ran out of time. If you click on the category “Durian Stalls” in KL or PJ, it should show you a few places that I frequent. If you check out one of my early blog posts too you’ll be able to get some ideas about where to go for food. For example, this post.

        Certainly there are many good places and I’m sure I haven’t found them all so please do feel free to let me know of any good places that you have been to as well.

        Stinky, Happy Always!

      • Hello,

        I’m an Australian journalist writing a story about Durians and China’s booming interest in the fruit.

        I saw your blog and was wondering if you would be willing to be interviewed on skype or over the phone?

        I’m interested in knowing about the fruit there in Malaysia and Hong Kong and if anything has changed in the market since China’s demand for the fruit starting taking off.

        My email is

        Kind regards,


  2. Hey there!
    This is Darrick….We are coming back to Malaysia in a couple days…what part of Malaysia has the most durians available now (state, or area name, and how to get there from Butterworth by train or bus)…I want to be close to the durian farms that are most abundant. We plan to stay there a couple days, then head to KL for a couple days….we hope to meet you in KL on Sunday night if you could.

    email me back asap

    peace and aloha to you,

    • Hey Darrick!
      I didn’t think you’d be coming back to Malaysia…! You would just be catching the end of the durian season now, so durians are generally scarcer (which means the vendors may charge a higher price) and only certain varieties would be available. Probably the best bet would be to try Pahang or Johor which would have a fair amount of fruit still available. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t actually get any good ones, but I’ve seen heaps sold in supermarkets and they are likely to be mildly satisfying.
      I’ve read about a famous Mr. Gan whose farm is in Segamat (that’s all the way South in Johor) and it might be wise to call him and seek his advice about whether durians are still dropping before you head down.
      Durian@Kampong Teratai, Segamat, N0222447 E10241027 Mr Gan Cell 0197082800

      I’ve also read about this durian plantation which is near the historical city of Melaka, but reservations are a must. This place claims to use minimal pesticides and is supposed to be sort of an organic farm (right up your alley?) and isn’t quite as far south as Segamat (although it is all pretty close).

      Sim Koa Yen
      MC-2-34 & MC-2-35,
      Jalan SB Utama, Taman Seri Bayan,
      76100 Durian Tunggal,
      Alor Gajah, Melaka.

      RM35 per adult.
      RM18 per child (below age 12).
      F.O.C per child (below age 5).

      012-6816895 / 012-6786895 / 06-5532500 / 06-5532600 (Reservation is a MUST!)

      The only issue I see is that you can catch a train/ bus only so far and you’re going to have to find transport for the rest of the way into these plantations, probably a taxi would be the best way to get there.

      Will let you know if I find more plantations which might be accessible and have telephone numbers that you can call in advance.

      Stinky Happy Always!

  3. Saritaone,
    You are soo resourceful and helpful….We will use your INFO, and let you know.
    I plan to be in KL Tomorrow night, Saturday…HUNGRY for Durian… in Penang, completely DRY, no durian here in Georgetown….Even none on Mccalister RD durian stalls, which normally bring in durian from other parts of Malay.

    Leavin ASAP to KL for a durian Fix, then possibly heading to some of your recommendations.

    What is the address of your top 2 or 3 durian sellers in KL.
    I will get in the TAXI asap and have them take us there..
    nice work on your blog btw, way to take great photos and keep the durian advertised. The more durian supporters the better.


    • Hi Darrick!

      Suggestions for KL durian fix:
      1. Medan Imbi – Everyday from 5/6pm to approx. 9pm. A little pricey but reliable quality in a convenient location (beside the famous Soo Kee food stall)
      2. SS2, Petaling Jaya- Everyday, early evenings are probably the best time. You can call Donald, owner of Donald’s durian to see if he has any good durians in hand. There are several stalls next to each other, I recommend you check them all out prior to sitting down (near the Police Station).
      3. Kampong Bahru- this street will be very busy from 5pm onwards as it is Ramadan. It is the Malay neighbourhood and an interesting place to visit to see all sorts of Malay food. Half way down the street there are a few durian stalls which are relatively inexpensive and a good experience (even though it is rather full of roaches).

      Sorry I can’t join you, am away this weekend! Hope the durians are good, though you know the best of the season is just about over…


  4. WOW,
    you totally hooked us up!! thank you much for the 3 choices…
    Chria and I arrived in KL, found a great place in china town called The Travel Hub, 20ringit, clean, one month old, nice owner, empty! It was already 8:45pm so, With the free internet we were able to check your blog for reply to my question on KL durian stalls.
    YOU had replied with valuable durian addict info very promptly thankfully.
    We made it to Jalan IMBI, told the owners about you and your referral, washed our hands, chugged some water, ordered 3 kilos of d24 for 60ringit followed by 3kilos of ‘the King’ for 120ringit. After this nice durian dinner we had to have desert, so we orderd one more kilo sized D24 and shared it. The two of us slowly ate and enjoyed 7kilos of grade A malaysian quality blissful creamy D.

    We are meeting 2 more friends again at Jalan Imbi 5pm tonight, sunday!! I am treating you to one kilo of The King or D24 as my way of thanking you.

    We hope you accept, see ya at 5pm there.

    Durian addict D

    • Hi Darrick the Durian Addict!

      So great to hear that you enjoyed the durian at the Medan Imbi Stall! Yes the owner and his wife are pretty nice people, very friendly and warm. I would love to join you but I am only returning to KL late tonight so can’t make your 5pm treat. Anyway, your writing to me about your experience is a treat enough 🙂
      By the way, there is also a vegetarian restaurant on Jalan Imbi (perpendicular street) that is a chinese vegetarian restaurant, you could give it a go if you’d like something other than durian!

      Let me know how it goes…


  5. Hey,
    This is an amazing blog! I’ve been desperately seeking durian info for a while now and this is, by far, the best site I’ve looked at. I’m a uni student living in KL for a semester, and I’m (attempting) to write an article on durian for an assignment, but, not knowing this area to well, I’m struggling to find much info! Any chance you’d know any places round Subang or KL where I might find some chatty sellers?

    Thanks heaps,

    • Hi Gemma,

      Great to know that you’re enjoying the StinkySpikes blogsite! Perhaps if you could tell me what kind of information you are looking for, I can assist in directing you to those who may be able to share the information with you. Also, if you are able to speak Cantonese, that would really help as many of them don’t speak good English. Are you a durian fan too?

  6. Hi Durianlovers out there,

    i´m comin to kuala lumpur at the end of november.
    can anybody tell me if there is any good durian… available at this time of the year. i know it´s maybe not the right time to have a feast. i´m from germany where i can order fresh durian all year round. but it´s way to expensive to satisfy my gravings. that´s why i hope to be able to find some in malaysia… thank you for answer peace-

    • Hi Matthias!

      Durians are available all year round in Malaysia these days, thanks to the economic support from durian lovers like yourself (and us!). The plantation and durian species vary during the seasons but many stalls will stock durians whether good or bad.
      Where you should eat all depends on where you are staying. If in the city center then do check out Medan Imbi or Petaling Street (Chinatown). There is also a good stall at the top of Jalan Alor (famous food street) but it is usually priced at a premium here as this is where most of the tourists end up. I’ve written up a few of the stalls on this blog, so feel free to check them out. If you’re staying a little further away from town, say Petaling Jaya then I suggest you head to Section 17 or SS2 for your durian fix.

      Hope this helps and we’ll see if anyone has their 2 cents worth to add 🙂

      Stinky Saritaone

  7. Hi This is great Durian info web, I sometime Penang and KL,
    I will visit KL this weekend 26-27May, and I want to go your Durian stall 🙂 and if it is possible, I want to visit Durian farm near KL. Do you know somewhere open at this timing ??
    If you know, please provide your information.

    Best regards,

    • Hello Seiji,

      It’s great to hear that you’ll be visiting Malaysia and keen to try some durian. I recommend that while you are in Penang, visit the durian farms there because it will be closer than trying to visit a durian farm near KL. The Penang durian season will be starting about now and please do go check out the durian stall along Macalister Road.

      When in KL, I recommend trying the Jalan Imbi stall which is always a reliable place to get decent durians. Go have Bak Kut Teh (pork rib soup) dinner and then have durian for dessert! (it’s just opposite the road, please refer to my posts on Jalan Imbi durian stall). If you really want to go visit a durian farm outside of KL, maybe the best would be to head towards Karak and Bentong where you’ll see many durian farms which may be selling their durians along the road side. You’ll need to organize yourself very well though because it’s a long journey (probably 2.5 hours each way) and I’m not sure if it will really be worth your while. All the best durians will have been booked by people in the city who pay the highest price.

      Let me know how your visit goes and if you want to venture further out of the main city to have durians in the suburb then SS2 would be the place to visit.

      Have fun and stink up the car!


      • Hi I visited Donald’s on 27th night and at 28th evening . i ate D101 large and D24 at Donald’s and JIUJI and UDNG MERAH at they are nice !! and I visited Bentong. but there were a few durians and there is only one stall in town. i can’t visit durian farm but taxi driver guided me to durian tree for taking picture 🙂 I will check more information for next month 🙂

      • Hello Seiji-san!

        So happy to hear you enjoyed your durian expedition! Yes, the best durians are probably found in KL now, as people in the city are able to pay the premium prices that the sellers want to charge. Most of the durians in the smaller towns or cities are only good when it is truly peak season and the durians are falling off the trees like rain from the sky.
        Did you not get to go eat durians in Penang? I think the season should be starting in June – August.

        Stinky sticky happiness to you!

      • Hi Sone-san, thanks your comment.
        The last june to July, I was in Penang for nearly a month on business. and One day, we found something durian promotional event for buyer by chance. and we could enter the place and try many durians free of charge too 🙂 Hopefully i want to join the event again 🙂

        This year i want to durian farm in Penang and near KL or JB area. When I went Bentong, the taxi driver said there were not Durian big farm in Bentong. But he took me to see durian tree where is private house garden’s. Next time I want to go karak if i have a chance. In Penang I know 2 farm places still.
        and probably I will visit Penang via Singapore the end of next month, so I will visit Penang and JB durian farm. Karak will be July or August.

      • Dear Seiji-san,

        Wow! That’s cool, a durian promo buyer event! I have never been to one of those before. I guess there must be lots of people now interested in Malaysian Durians and it’s time to get the durian export chain started. Is durian popular in Japan?

        From Stinky Spikes,

    • Hi there Magdalene!

      I’m no expert in the Johor scene so I apologize in advance. I’ve been for seafood a couple of times but I can’t remember the exact name or location of where we were. I just remember that the restaurant was on a wooden platform facing a waterway. I think it was in Johor Jaya. If you have a good experience, please do share it with us!

      Stinky happy always!

  8. Dear Stinky Spikes,
    I am an American writing a book about the durian fruit. I love your site, it is a great resource! I would love to meet you somewhere in Malaysia, talk to you about why you love durian, and of course share some durian :). I would also appreciate any tips on where to go in Malaysia for interesting or special durian.

    • Hi Lindsay!

      Thanks for enjoying my site and I hope it can contribute to your book in some way. Writing a book on durian must be a lot of fun, I would love to hear more about what sort of stories you intend to tell.

      The next 2-3 months are durian season in Malaysia, so when are you planning to come visit?

      I think I put you in touch with Dan (in the US), did you ever get in touch with him?

      Looking forward!

      Stinky Spikes S1

      • Hi Stinky Spikes!

        Yes, I did get in touch with Dan. Thank you! We will be passing through KL in a few days, but will return again in July. I am looking for durian festivals, eating competitions, and other events in KL and around Malaysia. Do you know of any? Would appreciate any tips.

        Would you be interested in meeting up and swapping some durian stories?


      • Hi Lindsay!

        Next few days is a little busy but do let me know when you’re in town in July! By that time, durian season will be in full swing and we can go check out some of my usual haunts…

        🙂 look forward to it!


  9. Hi Stinky Spikes,
    I live in Ireland and am married to a Thai and want to thank you for the site which we find informative . We have taken over a Durian farm in south Thailand (500 trees )so we are very excited about the trip we are about to take and yes we both love Durian. So thanks again for your site. CC

    • Hello Colin!

      Thank you for your positive feedback and encouragement! I am very happy you find the site useful and I hope that it will continue to help tell durian stories. Maybe one day you can invite me to visit your farm? I’d be happy to exchange a review for a yummy durian feast.

      Good luck with the farm and do write to tell me more about it!

      Stinky Sarita 🙂

    • Hi Bernard!

      The durian t-shirt is a special collection by the National Museum of Singapore featuring the biological drawings of William Farquhar. I can inquire if they still have stock on your behalf if you tell me the size. The last time I checked for another durian fan, they only had the Men’s L and XL size left, am not sure if they have replenished.

      Let me know if you’d fit those or what size you think you would be. All ladies stock is sold out.

      Stinky Spikey S1 🙂

  10. Hi Sone,

    Do you know the name of the uncle down at the Lisa De Inn place? Is the durian season on now? Planning to bring my colleagues there for a durian feast this week. Is 016- 393 2392 his number? Thanks for this fantastic site.

    • Hi Ray!

      I don’t know the name of the uncle… I just call him “Uncle”! He is always there and will have durians for sale. However, my sources tell me that the best durians will only be out in July. I just had some at the Imbi stall and it was most disappointing. The MSWs are also wayyy expensive at the moment and very small in size and quantity. So go if you must but wait if you can.

      Not too stinky,

      • Haha … Likewise, I only call him Uncle. Yeh, your source is correct. That uncle said the same. Imbi durians? Way too expensive. It always has been. Only for tourists and those rich and famous. I once saw a very attractive and classy lady had durian there but after pick her nose. What a sight! Lmao!

      • My experience with the Imbi stall on Medan Imbi opposite Soo Kee is that he usually gets a great selection of durians. Yes, pricey no doubt but quality is usually (and I stress usually) quite high. He’s not the bait and switch type of vendor, as he wants steady regular customers. Chinese tourists used to be one of his major clientele but not anymore since MH370. You get proper plastic chairs, water and tissue. Sometimes local gossip from his wife…. So it’s good if you’re in KL and don’t want to brave the jams to section 16/17, but of course if you’re in PJ then Uncle across from Lisa de Inn is a friendly and reliable vendor.

        What durians did he have in season now? Did you ask for Tauwa? He has a good source for that when the tree comes in season.

      • Well, he generally said, the fruit from Pahang has not dropped yet. He don’t favor fruits from other states so that he decided not to sell any. Asked me to wait for July.

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  12. Hi. I am Yanti. I would like to know about your blog. Do you have a shop selling durian or your are doing review in regards of durian. Please reply me via email. Thanks

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