Durian Chocolate Fix at Just Heavenly, Pavilion KL

If you must have durian off season, you might as well indulge yourself with a little chocolate too.

Just Heavenly doesn’t pretend. It’s completely chocolate covered, you can’t even see the durian. It’s also got an extra layer of glass over it (its also in the cake chiller display) as its such valuable stinky stuff.

As Malaysians always say “it’s a bit expensive”, at RM11.90 per piece. I didn’t buy it so I can’t tell you if it’s good.

Durian Desserts from the Goodwood Hotel, Singapore

TW and WW were in Singapore for a visit at the start of March and when they came by to visit mum, they brought some durian desserts from the Goodwood Hotel where they had tea the week before. They had ordered the durian pancake during a high tea and thought that the durian was authentic and addictive. So, it was time to try the rest of the durian selections.

First up, durian puffs and durian crepe. Unfortunately it was cold (bought frozen) so the flavor was quite muted.

Durian Puffs and Durian Crepe

Then the durian mousse cake. Quite soft, cold and muted flavors too.

Durian Mousse Cake

The third thing:

Durian Mousse Cake (side profile)

Durian Petit Pot Dessert

At lunch in Koi’s in Kemang (round the corner of Faris Durians mobile stall), I looked over the dessert menu to see if anything caught my eye.

Koi’s dessert menu

And there it was… “Durian Cooked in a Jar”. I simply had to try it.

Durian Petit Pot

It was indeed served in a glass jar, with a serving of vanilla ice-cream on the side.

Durian Petit Pot 2

And it was delicious. Light, fluffy and creamy. With a slight honey-ish syrup at the bottom. SW shared it with me and said it was like a flan. Dips of durian with vanilla. I’m not usually into derivatives but this was nicely done and neither extremely hot nor cold. I think it might be Monthong though.