Taste of Stinky Spikes

durianposeI was taught to eat durian by my father at the age of 4. Peeping into the kitchen late one evening, I saw my parents crouched on the floor over a makeshift carpet of newspapers, energetically ripping the husks of a stinky green fruit apart. I was more amazed with the enthusiasm of my parents towards their activity than the fruit itself. My father happened to look up and saw me watching quietly from the kitchen door, he beckoned me to come over to have a look.

Casting a glance at my mother to check that it was alright to be out of bed at that hour, I decided that the coast was fairly clear and proceeded over. At that point, my dad had just opened a husk and grabbed a small piece. He made out as if he was demonstrating how he was going to eat it, but instead shoved it into my mouth. I didn’t know what to expect and so decided to give this alien item a chance.

Those chances still keep coming.


27 thoughts on “Taste of Stinky Spikes

  1. please keep this site going strong! it is perfect.
    I have been eating durian most every day for one year now…from Indo, Thailand, Malay, Philippines…and now back in Bali..i am soo hooked…my diet is 75% durian and 25%other fruits…100% fruit is the way to health and is sooo delicious.

  2. Hi Darrick!

    Thanks for your support of this site, so great to know another durian fanatic is contributing to this site.

    You have been eating durian everyday for a year? Wow, that is pretty hardcore, not to mention high in carbohydrates! How are you managing to keep the weight off… must have high metabolism. 🙂

    Would love to hear about the durians you’ve had in the various countries and how you think they compare. Do you have a favorite durian stall in Bali?

    Stinky Happy Always,

  3. This site is AWESOME! Keep up the great work! I long to try fresh durian. I’m from New York, but once in a while travel to florida for good tropical fruit. I’ve only had frozen durian, and I only eat it sparingly because it’s full of pesticides and not fresh, but it’s sooo good. I can’t imagine what the durians you eat must taste like. I’ve read all of your posts and they are terrific. I eat a diet of fruit and greens but since I don’t live in a tropical area a lot of the year I’m eating fruits shipped from who knows where. I would love to visit Malaysia in the future for some true durian feasting.

    • Hi Sam!
      Thanks for your feedback. Yes the durians here are truly delicious and fresh is always better than frozen. But here in Malaysia, we often freeze the fresh durians to be enjoyed later and it is nice to have it cold like ice-cream. Are you able to get a hold of the freeze-dried version? I suppose if you’d like to try it, you can commission me to send it over to you ;). Otherwise, yes a visit to Malaysia will be the best option. I am planning to visit some durian plantations but haven’t had the time to make the journey into the mountains. I am probably going for some durians tonight, will post the photos online later…

  4. ty so much for creating this website, i just got my first durian seed. How many times must i keep it hydrated and when will it eventually sprout?

    • Hi Diana!

      Am glad you’re enjoying the blog and you must also be a real durian fan. So pleased to hear that you are about to grow your own durian tree, it is quite challenging but at the same time most exciting. I would recommend that you check out this post to get more visual information about how to prepare the seed for germination. Note that seed selection also plays an important role and you can also read this post about other people’s durian growing experiences.

      Let me know how your seed gets on. If you have any photos and would like to share them with the other readers of this site, please send them to me and I’ll be happy to put them up.

      Best of the stinky luck!

  5. can anyone tell me where I can buy this fruit? I live in new york.. manhattan.. I really want to eat this fruit!!!!!

    • Hi Angie!

      I think your best bet would be Chinatown, try looking for the stores that sell the fresh fruit or maybe in the frozen section where they will have the vacuum sealed frozen version. Unfortunately, I have to tell you that durians are best tried and eaten together with connoisseurs or at least people who know what and how to choose the fruits, I’ve heard of too many bad first time experiences where the tasting and smell was less than satisfactory. If you can hold the thought, perhaps try planning a vacation to Malaysia/ Thailand/ Singapore in June-August and you will sample the best durians that the world has to offer!

      I read about this place that does Durian ice cream, although I have no idea whether it does the fruit any justice..

      Category: Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt
      Neighborhood: Chinatown
      65 Bayard St
      (between Elizabeth St & Mott St)
      New York, NY 10013
      (212) 608-4170

      Getting there, nearest transit:
      Canal Street (J, M, Z, N, Q, R, W, 6)
      Grand St (B, D)
      Chambers-Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall (4, 5, 6, J, M, Z)

      Let us know how you get on, otherwise, I hear from Dan in Portland, Oregon that the supermarket there definitely has the frozen version.

      Stinky Sincerely,

    • How curious! this is a child’s novel about a durian tree. If anyone does have it and read it, please do share your review with us.

  6. Hi Stinky Spikes!. . . . I am so happy to let you know that just received yesterday afternoon September 9, 2014 all six (6) durian seeds you sent me via Hong Kong. At that time i just recovered from a fever and colds, but upon seeing the durian seeds, the fever just disappeared. I now planted it in some pots filled with top soil to grow. Are those seeds of the precious Musang King variety? Again, a million thanks to you for those seeds, I will pray that you will always have good health and more blessings to come. Again, thank you.

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  8. Oh my, a blog dedicated to the king of fruits!! Yikes. I never got used to the taste of durian during my Malaysia years. I am a bit traumatised by the fact that my mom stored durian in my lunch box and when I later used it, it still smelled of durian and my sandwiches tasted like it too 😛

  9. hello Stinky ,
    is it possible if you can send me a couple of the seeds? I would love to try to sprout and plant them here in california. I have a greenhouse dedicated for it. thanks!!

    • Hi Kyna,

      I’ve tried posting seeds twice before to another durian fan who lives in California. Both times the seeds arrived completely destroyed despite me putting them in cotton and in a relatively indestructible Tupperware box. Apparently the seeds look like they were ruptured internally via some sort of microwave pulser… The box and packaging all remained intact but the seeds were in pieces. So it seems that the customs officials have a machine for completely destroying anything that has live water content. Hence, I’m not sure it’s worth the effort… Or disappointment..!
      Better if you try to get hold of some fresh durian in a Chinatown supermarket near you.
      If you need some help figuring where you can get durians, maybe try asking Lindsay (year of the durian). She lives in Oregon but is a durian fanatic too.
      Alternatively, plan a trip out to Asia and choose the durian and seeds yourself 😉

      • Dear Durian Friend,
        It has been 6 years since trying to grow Durian trees here near Mangalore, S. India. The first one has started flowering hoping to get fruit set in few weeks. Meanwhile the education, tasting, eating has been going on. In S. India because of varied climatic zones we can get fresh Durians for at least 6 months a year. I have now planted 100 plants and this year probably another 400.
        Will follow your blog and hope to meet up for a Durian Festival!
        +91 9449813072

      • Hello Jacob!

        So great to hear your success with planting the durian trees. It really does require money, patience, perseverance and love!

        I look forward to your good news on your plantation. Please do keep me updated.

        Best wishes,

  10. Hi…

    Another durian fans here.
    Stumble upon you blog when I search for durian in HK, the price were unbelievable.
    I’m wodering, is it prohibited to bring durian to HK? Will it be confiscated by the authorities at the airport?
    Thanks in advance for your advice.


    • Hi JaQ! Hope you’re enjoying my durian blog 🙂 do follow me to get the updates..

      It is not prohibited to bring durian to HK and the authorities will not confiscate it if you’ve made it that far. The prohibition is usually by the airline, they don’t want the smells in their ventilation system and they definitely do not want smelly passengers on the flight!

      I suggest therefore that you get your durian seal packed in containers or frozen and ensure that they are well insulated to keep cool and without stink. Packing them in containers will also save you volumes of space and weight.. Bringing in a whole durian with its husk would be nice but only if you have the right luggage.

      Hope that helps :)!

      • Hi S1,

        Thank you so much for your enlightment.
        I wish i can share the picture of the durian packaging here. Super tight seal.
        I think i still have the luggage space if you want me to bring over some for you, since it isn’t forbid by the country. 🙂


  11. Hello

    My name is Ivan
    I would like to ask you some information about durian but I couldn’t find you email address on this website.
    Would you mind if I your email address is.


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