Durians are AVAILABLE in Hong Kong!

When I was in Hong Kong a few weekends ago, S2 and I met up with YV, JH and CW at IFC and we walked via overhead bridge over to Landmark building. There we decided to go to the supermarket to acquire a few items for dinner at their home that evening.


Durians at the Supermarket in Landmark


Imagine our collective surprise when YV revealed that the supermarket at Landmark named “ThreeSixty” stocked fresh durian for sale. I wasted no time hunting around for it, thinking that my nose would lead me to the source. Alas, the supermarket was very well organized, extremely well ventilated and exceedingly well chilled… all which masked the usual intense aroma of the durian.

We eventually found that durian was stocked in 2 places. The first place you would find it is already packed in neat styrofoam backing with clingfilm in the fruit chiller fridge, first on the left as you enter the supermarket. The second place is right towards the end of the fruit/vegetable section (near the onions and potatoes) where they kept the whole fruits still in their husky glory.


D24 Durian at the Landmark Supermarket (HK)


Why NO SMELL? This was Malaysian durian you see and by right it should have been stinking out the whole place. Well, the reason is because it was D24 (one of the milder breeds now) and it was also not harvested at the height of the season which would have made the whole experience much more stinky. Nonetheless, we were delighted to discover this and be able to share it with our international durian eating audience, that indeed, Malaysian durian is available in Hong Kong…. not just the blander Thai version (which is what most end up with).


Stacked up D24 Fruit


After some consideration, we bought the durian that was already pre-packed in plastic. For the following reasons:

1. We could see what we were getting

2. We conducted the press-test to check ripening

3. We were able to choose seeds of different coloration (probably from different fruits)

4. It was slightly cheaper

5. We didn’t have to worry about throwing away the husks

Mind you, if you wanted them to pack the durian into the boxes, I’m sure the helpful ladies at the supermarket would have been happy to assist.

Verdict? YV, JH thought it was pretty good (they haven’t been to Malaysia in 2 years though…) S2 and I thought it was mediocre but not the worst.

So, if you are in Hong Kong and desperate for durian, now you know where you can try to find them.


Durian Derivatives at Landmark Supermarket (HK)


And if its off season, take heart as they also sell the durian dried derivatives, which should last you till you buy your CX or Airasia ticket down to KL for feast.