Durians in Taipei

SW, ZI and I are spending 2 weeks in Taipei and we’re checking out various parts of the city. A search for a late lunch resulted in 3 ladies pointing us in the direction of Yong Kang Jie for famous beef noodle soup.

After devouring a bowl of hot soup, I needed something sweet. At 4pm, most stalls were on a break before dinner.

Just as I was resigning myself to a dessert-less afternoon, we chanced upon a fruit stall. It was tiny and a 2 man film crew occupied the interior… Interviewing the owners and gesturing animatedly at the fruit selections. I picked up some Taiwan-grown kyoho grapes (still far inferior to the Japanese version, but costs less than half) and paid the cashier. She was so occupied with the film crew that she gave me the change and forgot my grapes.

It was while I was searching for my grapes that I spied the sign for durian. I asked the lady if they were available and where they were from. "Yes yes, they are from Thailand" she said. From her tone of voice, I knew she wanted to get back to the filming.

I didn’t bother asking her for more details so all I have for you is that if you are desperate for durian in Taipei, you can get a dried (120 NT) or frozen Thai version of it in the small fruit stall in Yong Kang Jie. Nearest underground station is Dong Men.