Uh Oh.. Trouble with the durian pastries at Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore

TW’s favourite durian go to location for durian sweets is in the news again, unfortunately not in a good way.

Here’s the headline…
Goodwood Park bakery licence suspended after 76 food poisoning cases linked to durian pastries 


Hope they figure out the issue(s) and sort it out soon. 

Nicely designed dried durian packaging

Most packaging for durians look somewhat cheesy, in the sense that the picture of the durian is too perfect and often placed in a traditional pose on an aluminium foil packet. I liked the play on the fonts and the very bark like colours chosen for the background.

This Thai manufacturer actually invested a little more thought and design into their product package and even touts durian benefits… Although this claim is not exclusive to durian alone. 


 I didn’t buy it though. Can’t bring myself to handle the disappointment of eating Thai durian ;).

Durian mochis from a famous mochi chain in Wan Chai

Since the last entry about the new durian dessert shop on Queen’s Road East, I’ve always noticed a steady stream of clientele throughout the day buying mochis of various flavours. 

The shop appears to be doing well.

A friend, DC, came by Wan Chai yesterday  to say hello. She brought me the mochis as a gift, saying that these mochis were super famous and delicious. 

They were very soft, these mochis, not too sticky and had the texture of mildly chewy marshmallows. 

The durian filling in the mochi was smooth and without a trace of fiber. It tasted like durian that was blended. The aroma was mild, the flavour palate was also mild. 

The peanut mochi was more intense in flavour. It was more textured with the crunchiness of the peanut and the sugar.

Overall, I’d say it’s worth a try but durian-wise it’s not going to satisfy your cravings. 🙂

Thanks DC for our desserts, they kept us full for the rest of the day and we didn’t even need dinner.

If you need a mochi, look for the shop at the corner of Swatow street and Queen’s Road East.