Craving durian dessert in Singapore CBD

Durian Penget as the draw

Durian Pengat as the draw

I read in the local daily newspaper about a cafe that offers a durian dessert. OWL cafe in Republic Plaza is newly opened and if you are in the city, you might like to check it out. Here’s a link to a food blogger’s review of the dishes served.

Durian pengat is a sweetened durian pulp, just like having blended durian except made richer by the addition of coconut milk to unify the textures. It makes not so good durian edible in a sweet soup. Here’s a recipe from a lady who likes the dessert. However there are many ways to make this and I have not tried this so cannot vouch for it.


Durian Petit Pot Dessert

At lunch in Koi’s in Kemang (round the corner of Faris Durians mobile stall), I looked over the dessert menu to see if anything caught my eye.

Koi’s dessert menu

And there it was… “Durian Cooked in a Jar”. I simply had to try it.

Durian Petit Pot

It was indeed served in a glass jar, with a serving of vanilla ice-cream on the side.

Durian Petit Pot 2

And it was delicious. Light, fluffy and creamy. With a slight honey-ish syrup at the bottom. SW shared it with me and said it was like a flan. Dips of durian with vanilla. I’m not usually into derivatives but this was nicely done and neither extremely hot nor cold. I think it might be Monthong though.

Durians in the News

I’ve been meaning to post these for a while, but they’ve been on my Blackberry and I only just got round to clearing my picture files.

Aromatic Perceptions


This one is about smelly foods (like durian) yielding the best flavors…

















And this one below is about the vandalism of a very strange durian art piece….

Durian Elephant Sculpture


Durian Cakes and Pastries at Pavilion Mall, Kuala Lumpur

Durian Booth Stall at Pavilion Mall, KL

Pavilion Mall is one of the places that we go to regularly for food, whether its to the Crystal Jade Kitchen or the Republic food court, or to La Bodega for some tapas once in a while. If you check out the booth type shops opposite JCo Donuts, the shops have had some turnover, for example Polar Pastries (famous for Singapore Cream Puff) has left. Lavender Cake Shop from Johor Bahru does a fairly roaring trade, more so than BreadTalk just across the walkway. Behind Lavender, you will notice that there is a shop selling assorted pastries made of Durian.

Called “Durian Durian” (could this be related to the shop in Singapore..? I thought it would be useful to document the items that they sell since they were kind enough to let me examine their products and take my photos.

It’s a nice and clean booth and you can see them making the durian pancakes fresh on the hot plate.

I didn’t try any of the durian goodies so please don’t take this as a recommendation but it is a good reference to know where you can get some of these goodies if you have a craving to satisfy.

Durian Pancakes

Now for close ups!

Durian Pancakes freshly made upon order, but I have no idea about the mochi.

Durian Puff anyone?

Fresh Durian Cream Puff

Durian Traditional Kueh Kueh

Durian Swiss Rolls - Chocolate, Vanilla, Pandan etc

Note that they specifically tell the consumer “We use only original pure durian”.

I haven’t tried any of these yet as I prefer the fresh fruit any day, but if you beat me to the taste test, do let me know…

Durian Muffins

Assorted Drinks to Cool Down After Durian

Weird Durian Food Combinations

Jogoya's Dessert at Starhill Gallery

Jogoya restaurant's Deep Fried Durian Dessert

It was M’s birthday halfway through November and H decided to invite a group of friends out to Jogoya, the Japanese Buffet restaurant in Starhill. There was a great spread of food and I especially liked the fact that this was the first Japanese restaurant to have round tables for ten people, chinese style (usually Japanese restaurants have long square tables which aren’t great for socializing in a group). The food and layout of the buffet could have been better but then again, it was impressive all the same. They had a dish which wasn’t in the dessert section called Deep Fried Durian Puffs, I think it was part of the dim sum selection which was meant to add novelty to the buffet.

By the time that SW and I saw it, we had already gorged ourselves on the copious quantities of raw fish (sashimi) and grilled fish and tofu and beef nabeyaki. H decided to give it a go and was surprisingly supportive of the dish and said that it was “rather good actually”. I didn’t know that H was that keen on durian given our last outing which didn’t see him fighting with us for the last fruit. SW and I aren’t really into durian derivatives as we rather enjoy the real thing but we take H’s word for it.

Durian treats in Airasia Magazine

Durian Desserts in the Airasia Magazine

After M’s birthday, we’ve been doing quite a bit of travelling. First Bangkok then recently I’ve just returned from a conference in Monaco. On my trip to Bangkok on Airasia, there was an article featuring Durian and how it has been specially prepared by various chefs.

Durian Chicken from Nikko Hotel

Durian Chicken Dish at the Nikko KL

At the Nikko Hotel, the Chinese restaurant is promoting durian cooked with chicken (picture on the right)… no idea whether its any good so if anyone has been to try it, please let me know.