Udders Ice Cream Durian

Tough choice?: Mao Shan Wang or the D24 Ice cream?

Looks like Durian ice cream is now all the rage, with shops in Singapore even distinguishing between D24 and Mau Sang Wang. I wonder when we’re going to get all the flavors of durian, can you imagine an all durian ice cream shop, serving from Ang Hae to D101 to XO? That’ll be funny!

Anyway, Udders ice cream cafe is in Upper Bukit Timah and very much a student hang out joint.

The Damage (aka Price List)

The owner is a teacher (or former teacher, not sure) so that’s pretty self explanatory how the clients came to know about it. I give it a 2/5 for ambience and similarly for the taste of the ice-cream which I didn’t think was that fantastic. Scoop is more my type of thing.

Anyway some pictures here and if you’re in a desperate fix for ice cream while in the area then I guess that’s the place to hit.

Cutesy student place run by students and owned by a teacher

A queue awaits at the Durian Counter at Udders


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