Durian update on pricing at Paragon Singapore

At Paragon Shopping Centre in Singapore along Orchard Road, the basement is a hive of activity. The supermarket is crowded and many of the eateries had queues. Spotted 2 durian items which I thought you might like to know are available in the heart of the shopping district of Singapore.

Mountain King Cat durian in Cold Storage Supermarket

Malaysian Durians are still available in this Cold Storage (not every one stocks them), there is no smell ( I guess they are well chilled) and it’s on special offer now. It’s not peak durian season at the moment, so maybe these aren’t the absolute best, but if you have to have it, then it’s a great bargain.

Durian Fudge from Subway Niche

How about Durian Fudge? I was thinking about trying it but the consideration of the calories I’ve just piled on kind of got in the way. It also looked kind of gelatinous and I think if you can afford to buy fresh durians, that would win hands down anytime. Having said that, Subway Niche does do reliable cookies and cakes. The pandan chiffon,  traditional butter cakes and malay kuehs are not too sweet and very tasty.

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