Direct from Pahang: where to find Musang King all year round in Hong Kong

I was at the “Wan Chai- Shibuya style” crossing, waiting to get to the other side of Hennessy Road. My eagle eyes and super sharp durian radar are always on “search mode” (sort of like the Terminator or Robocop, maybe like the spaceship scanners in the Matrix). What was that on the other side of the six lane road??

You can’t go wrong with a name like that. No mincing of words, no mystery, no guessing. A shop called Musang King must be all about the King, only the King and nothing else. Right?

I popped in for a look. 

It was a small shop (replaced the Ice.licious whimsical popsicle store), just wide enough to fit the freezers and fridges, leaving enough room for clients to get in there, buy and leave. It’s not a cafe and there’s no reason to hang around. On the day I went, there were three female staff on duty. It seemed a little excessive given that XTC makes do with one given a similar space and set up. Perhaps it’s just temporary staff for the opening sales… they may be expecting hoards of people.

Everything was in the fridge. It was Glass panelled so that you can see what’s for sale and how much for. There was an interesting array of durian derived sweet and savouries, ranging from durian filled baos (buns), durian pizza (uh huh) and durian crepes and assorted tarts.

The Durian Musang king ice cream sticks were particularly appealing to me.. it was a sweltering hot day and I salivated at the thought of a cold Musang king. 

There was also packaged frozen D24 durian for sale and frozen whole durians, both D24 and Musang Kings.

On the counter next to the fridges sat a heated display unit with some puff pastries. 

I asked the staff where the products were made, in malaysia or here?

All in Malaysia
, came the reply (according to their FB page, they’re located in Raub, Pahang). Except for these in the heated display unit. These, she gestured, were made by us here.

I made up my mind to try a durian popsicle. Attempting to help myself, I tugged at the freezer door handle. 

To my surprise, I couldn’t open the door. That’s when I realised it was locked! Hmm. Was it to prevent thieves from running off with a few boxes of delicious, expensive biomaterial or just to prevent the temperature fluctuations from repeated door opening and closing? 

One of the ladies saw what I was trying to do and sprung into action.

“What are you trying to get?” She asked

Durian ice cream” was my reply.

“You want one or one box?” 

Just one please, if it’s good I’ll come back for more.” 

She went behind the little counter and pulled my requested popsicle out of another freezer. 

Eating it now or later?

Now I said.

She tore the box open for me and cut the top of the plastic packaging so that I could hold on to the stick.

I slipped it out of the packaging and walked out into the street with it. What great free advertising for the shop.

The ice cream was smooth and well emulsified. It had a nice bite to it and melted smoothly in the mouth. Texture 8/10. Taste wise, it was very sweet with no hint of bitter. 6/10.. 

It was all done by the time I reached Johnston road. The burp that made itself known came about 20 minutes later with the very distinct digested durian aroma. 7.5/10. 

I guess these durian popsicles are made in big batches but how much more interesting would it be if you could select a bitter popsicle?

This shop that started in the autumn of last year only does frozen stuff, most practical cold chain from Malaysia I suppose. They are now actively distributing to China. Its ok for a popsicle but if you prefer fresh fruit, you’ll just have to wait until durian season (starting soon).

Find Pahang Musang King at 263 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai. About 7 minute walk from the MTR station or 4 minutes walk from the Fleming/Burrows Tram stop.

Pahang Musang King, Hennessy Road, Wan Chai

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Udders Ice Cream Durian

Tough choice?: Mao Shan Wang or the D24 Ice cream?

Looks like Durian ice cream is now all the rage, with shops in Singapore even distinguishing between D24 and Mau Sang Wang. I wonder when we’re going to get all the flavors of durian, can you imagine an all durian ice cream shop, serving from Ang Hae to D101 to XO? That’ll be funny!

Anyway, Udders ice cream cafe is in Upper Bukit Timah and very much a student hang out joint.

The Damage (aka Price List)

The owner is a teacher (or former teacher, not sure) so that’s pretty self explanatory how the clients came to know about it. I give it a 2/5 for ambience and similarly for the taste of the ice-cream which I didn’t think was that fantastic. Scoop is more my type of thing.

Anyway some pictures here and if you’re in a desperate fix for ice cream while in the area then I guess that’s the place to hit.

Cutesy student place run by students and owned by a teacher

A queue awaits at the Durian Counter at Udders

Durian Ice Cream with Bunny at Taste Paradise, Jakarta

After quite an elaborate and filling chinese meal, we contemplated dessert. The menu had interesting items like the double boiled hashima (Rp 98K), an aloe-jelly iced dessert and various ice creams. We decided to get 4 desserts between 6. 2 friends decided they wanted the “Durian ice-cream in coconut” which didn’t sound terribly appealing to me, but it came cutely presented.

The durian ice cream was in a scooped out coconut and alongside was a rather pink dusted rabbit. Hmm, what was it made of we wondered. Ah. After the first taste, LR pronounced that it was a pink marshmallow dusted with coconut (so that’s where it went). Was it interesting? Yes. Is it worth ordering again? The response was ambivalent, not wanting to insult the host nor the restaurant of course.

Taste Paradise, 4th Floor
Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta