Durian chocolate at Changi Terminal 1

If you’re at Changi Terminal 1 waiting for your delayed Jetstar flight like I was a few weeks ago, you might see this shop selling chocolates.

One of the prominent products on display are the durian chocolates.

It was freeze dried durian that had a chocolate outer coating. I thought that the packaging was not very attractive. It didn’t make me think that either the durian or the chocolate was high quality.

Others probably share this sentiment as the shop had a promotion of giving one box free if you buy four boxes.., hmm you really have to love the stuff.

Ironically it’s sold with the tag line “Flavours of Singapore”. The durian was most certainly not from Singapore. They may do better if they state it’s breed or species or better still, allow people to try them before purchase. That’ll be the ultimate clincher if it’s good.

Late post: Durian display at Changi International Airport

I was looking through my photo archives and realised that there are a number of photos that I haven’t posted.

So here’s one. 

It was during Hari Raya (Muslim new year) that Changi Airport Terminal One decided to put up this rather bizarre display to wish all Muslims a good celebration. There is a saying that when the durian is in season, sarongs come off. Sounds a bit obscene? Well, perhaps it was how it was translated to me. The saying originates from how Malays in Malaysia used to trade their cloths for good durian, even the yarns they wore were up for barter. That’s how wonderful and addictive durians are.

Anyway, the durian on display was rather large and the little sofa was a nice touch. Lots of people photographed themselves on it for their social media page.

If you’re desperate for Durian at Changi Airport….

The Durian Mpire Stall at Terminal 3 Changi Airport

You can find a durian shop at Terminal 3, near the Sky Train.

I was on my way to Egypt via SQ a few weeks ago and had to transit through terminals at Changi Airport. It’s quite a nicely designed little place, very clean with no smells but bright lighting with the soothing pastel colors and a shape of a tree on its pillar.¬†Imagine my surprise when I found a little shop selling durian products at the airport. Called “Durian Mpire” by the 717 trading company (well known in Singapore for their durian stall), this shop doesn’t actually sell the real thing but all the derivatives and processed products of durian.

Let me show you what I mean.

Various Durian dessert on offer

More durian desserts!

Well, what I went for in the end was the Durian Mini Mooncakes, I decided to buy some to take for our friends who have probably never heard of durian or mooncakes let alone tasted a durian mooncake. A box of nine sets you back about SGD 40 so it ain’t cheap but they do come in a nice tin box and the staff offer to wrap it in a special sealed plastic shrink wrap so that there is no smell. They seemed confident about it lasting more than 12 hours but I have to say that I would not recommend this to anyone. Anyway this is a seasonal offering, only during the mooncake festival. Otherwise its just the other pastries probably, which do not smell quite as much.

Durian Mini Mooncakes

Durian Mini mooncakes to take away

Now this was kind of funny, they had an extra signboard out front to advertise the “fresher” offerings like a hot durian pancake, a durian smoothie and durian waffles (not available according to the poster). I didn’t see any seating areas near the shop and was wondering how one would sit and enjoy the snacks while hot… and the durian smoothie seemed like a killer item to drink at the airport when they don’t really want you stinking up the plane or service areas!

Other Durian Offerings at Durian Mpire

And here is the story of how the company got started. I think you’ll find the owner’s motto quite amusing….

Durian 717 Founder’s Motto

Durian 717 Poster