Durian Stall Competition in Penang

If you recall my previous post on the durian stall we went to in Jalan Macalister (or Lorong Susu to be precise), you’ll remember how much I enjoyed the wonderful flavors of the  durian from Penang hybrids and old trees. If you’re in the business world, it shouldn’t surprise you that no one ever lets a good thing stay on its own.

Durian Stall one lane down from Lorong Susu

A competitor-truck-stall opened up on the next street, just far enough that you can’t quite see, yet close enough that it is less than 20 paces if you want to get there (unlike the chendol stalls along Jalan Penang, which are literally opposite each other, now that is cut throat competition). So on our second visit there, I saw the competitors and thought I’d go have a look at their wares on display and how it compares.

Firstly, the stall was very well lit with lots of fluorescent light tubes. This is generally a good thing as people can see your display, but the display isn’t what I would say is overwhelming or spilling over with durians. It looked a bit sparse actually, like they were trying to place them evenly along the racks to make the racks look full. Stringing them up provides a good effect, but if you can look at the vendor through the fruit, it just means that they don’t have that many for you to choose from.

Not that many strung up for sale

The tables and stools for eat-in clients were places alongside under a shady but uneven tree-lined path outside a beer-garden/ market sort of joint. Quite a good location as the joint looked quiet or closed during the day, leaving them full use of the space. Not many clients, but then again, maybe they catch the spill overs later in the day, especially when the other stall sells out and goes home first.

If you have a durian craving, you have a choice! I have no idea what this stall is like, but Ah Teik serves us pretty well, so unless he’s closed one day, then we might have the chance to sample the fruits of the other stall.

Here are a few pictures from the Lorong Susu stall that we went to again…

Lorong Susu Durian Stall

Ah Teik opening the durians

And some of the durian we had….

Butter, Milk, Black Thorn, Red Prawn Durian Cornucopia

Butter, Milk, Red Prawns and Black Thorns

And I leave you with a seriously yummy one… the rest is up to your imagination, or better, go give it a try.

Love it when flesh falls off the seed


3 thoughts on “Durian Stall Competition in Penang

  1. Penang durians looks extremely delicious. Can you do some comparison on their tastes and how’d you rank them, especially the newer cultivars such as black thorn (duri hitam or ochee), kulit hijau (green husks or is it green skin)? bearing in mind that even within the same cultivar, the quality varies widely, depending on many variables..

    • Hi there!

      Thanks you for your feedback! Yes I’d love to do it but it’s really seasonal and not all durians may be available at the same time. The next season is in November, so I’ll see if those cultivars are available.

      Stinky happy always 🙂

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