News update: All Gone…

I received a last minute invitation to a Thanksgiving dinner and was wondering what to bring. I had some green agar jellies that I’d made but thought that something more substantial was in order. My go to gift is always good fruit. Expensive but delicious and worth it if the host is a fruity foodie (which my host was).

Back to Fu Wing. There really wasn’t much in the way of anything special, the peaches were soft and only 3 were left. I wanted the unmolested fruit. So out of the fridge came the crisp persimmons and Korean pears. 

Wait a minute. Where were the durians I saw yesterday? The polystyrene box was there but nothing on top but clear airspace. 

So I asked.

See tao po: “ai ya, lao lin mai sai la”

Translation: ai ya, durians sold out.

I asked who bought it, whether one person bought all or each bought one?

See tao po: one person bought one box, one person bought one box and a half, one person bought 2, one person bought 3. So all sold out.

Curious me: how much was it per box?

See tao po: 26 pounds

Curious me: so it was 168 per pound you sold them?

See tao po: for box bulk buyers special discount, 148 per pound.

Wow. In Hong Kong money is no object (relative to property prices, everything pales) and dropping a few thousand for durian is no issue. 

Curious me: for that price they can go to Malaysia to eat durian!

See Tao po: yes but the buyer said that when he went last time he couldn’t get any as all the Musang Kings had been exported!

Competition for the best fresh durians is already happening?! 

Well globalisation and international logistics chains are skewing markets everywhere. Good and bad I suppose, depending on which side you’re on.

Can Durian Cure Infertility?

All good things come in pairs?

All good things come in pairs?

Hmm. Infertility is one of those subjects that is taboo and sensitive in every culture. No one wants to admit that they are infertile for any reason and most go to great lengths to demonstrate that they can have children by having as many as possible (note that this is actually different from the demonstration of virility, although it should ultimately be linked to the same outcome).

Does Durian have a role to play in this? Well, I was quite surprised to read in an article that in Tamil Nadu (one of India’s largest states, or maybe it is the largest), the locals there think so.

*Credit for the picture here to Dr. Leslie Tay from ieatishootipost


Ooty: The extended durian fruiting season at the horticulture farm (GHF) on the Burliar slopes comes as a major surprise for horticulturalists. The durian season usually runs between mid-July and mid-September, but this year the extended season has been witnessing good yields.

A durian fetches as much as Rs 600 per kg as barren couples try their luck through this fruit, which is said to help in providing help in tackling infertility problems. Call it magic or miracle, the rare fruit durian is much sought after by childless couples.

Saying that it is surprising to note that the durian season is extending beyond September, M. Pragasam, assistant director of horticulture (farms), said that this year the department had to call for a second auction in the month of October as there has been a good yield this month too.

While the government has earned additional income through durian, the reasons for the extended season may be the good rainfall in September and the delayed fertilisation in parts of the trees, he said.

“Even though there is no scientific evidence till date to speak for that this fruit solves the infertility problems, it is widely believed from ancient times that it cures the problems related to infertility and helps women to conceive.

Hence the demand is high for this fruit among childless couples. Quite a few couples who were blessed with a child after consuming durian in the past informed us over phone and letters about this miracle fruit. So, the demand for this fruit is always there” he pointed out.

V.J. Babu, who won the bid in October to harvest durian fruits at GHF in Burliar, said there are about 34 durian trees in GHF which continue to bear fruit. “Only when the fully matured fruit falls down do we pick it up and bring it for sale. We expect around 700 fruits this season. The demand is still there and those who want to buy this fruit mostly come to the venue to buy them” he said.


Does Durian consumption make you feel like pro-creating? Usually after eating a huge durian feast, they fall asleep and that’s when the pro-creation happens, thus linking it to fertility. Hmm. (A huge protein intake would do the same but there are lots of vegetarians there so perhaps durians are a substitute).