Durian chocolate at Changi Terminal 1

If you’re at Changi Terminal 1 waiting for your delayed Jetstar flight like I was a few weeks ago, you might see this shop selling chocolates.

One of the prominent products on display are the durian chocolates.

It was freeze dried durian that had a chocolate outer coating. I thought that the packaging was not very attractive. It didn’t make me think that either the durian or the chocolate was high quality.

Others probably share this sentiment as the shop had a promotion of giving one box free if you buy four boxes.., hmm you really have to love the stuff.

Ironically it’s sold with the tag line “Flavours of Singapore”. The durian was most certainly not from Singapore. They may do better if they state it’s breed or species or better still, allow people to try them before purchase. That’ll be the ultimate clincher if it’s good.

Hey, who bought all the durians at Park n Shop? 

On Saturday evening, all our plans for a meal with friends didn’t turn out as we had planned. So I decided that dinner would be had at home. I needed to buy some salad leaves to complement the larb moo I had in mind, so a supermarket stop was necessary.

What about some durian” said SW, “we can buy more of it while you’re getting the vegetables“. 

Not a bad idea I thought, perhaps more packets would be on sale. 


…but nowhere near half as good

As we marched over to the durian section, there were indeed lots of packets of durianBut not Musang King. Only Thai durian..what a croc. Two packets remained of the Malaysian durians, one of which had a tear in the cling film and the other looked liked it had been prodded and been subjected to unfair gravitational forces. 


yup.. thats all that’s left

I sniffed the pack with the slit in the packaging. Smelled a bit too fermented.., it was already over-ripe and without refrigeration these delicate morsels don’t keep well. The other pack would be the same. 


and still marked at full price

A quick check in the refrigerated section yielded no other packets of durian (you may remember I had been misled before… See this post).

So nope, no durians for us on Saturday’s dessert menu. 

Park n Shop Wan Chai has Mao Shan Wang Durian on sale!

Yesterday was my first purchase and taste of durian this winter. 

At the Park n Shop in Hopewell Center, I usually cast a glance over at the shelf where the pomelos and other seasonal fruit sit… always hopeful that durians will appear. And they did. Packets and packets of durian. It must not have been more than 3 or 4 small durians though. Just divided up into plastic cling film trays.

Most of the durian packets were full price but a few packets were on sale half price. I picked the heaviest one with the plumpest looking flesh. It was clearly ripe but relatively untouched. They must have put it out just before I got there. Most of the packets looked quite soft and ripe already so more will go on sale soon… Unless a durian aficionado buys the lot before you get there.

I went home with this packet which I put in the freezer until dinner just to chill it. 

The color wasn’t as rich as the Mao Shan Wangs we usually have but the texture was creamy and the flesh falls easily away from the seed. A few small parts of the fruit tasted a bit sour and these were discarded. The smell was strong but as we only had two segments, wasn’t too overpowering. Generally pretty good.