Durian Frostbites available beside the Singapore Merlion

SW and I had about 90 minutes and decided to use it to walk around the Marina Bay. We started off by meandering from the Esplanade (the Big Durian roof) round to the DNA bridge and down onto the board walk by MBS. It was a cloudy day and after a quick purchase of soda water at the 7-eleven, proceeded with our onward stroll towards Collyer Quay and round to the Fullerton waterside restaurants.

As we negotiated the very designer and tricky staircase downwards toward the pavement leading to the connector back to the Esplanade (sorry if this sounds convoluted but if you’ve been there, you’ll know exactly what I mean), I turned and a very bright and cheerful signboard caught my eye.

Cool ice cream stand facing the Merlion

Aha blinking lights which remind me of a fairground and a very colorfully designed logo which I guess appeals to women and children alike. I had to take a closer look to see what sort of product range they were offering.

Durians are on top of the menu

Well lo and behold, fancy seeing the special flavor featured on top of the menu – DURIAN!!

At more than twice the price of the standard fruity sorbets, the Mao Shan Wang gets premium position. Even the D24 standard variety of durian costs 20% less but still twice that of the sorbets.

Above the display counter there was this promo leaflet. Looking at it, you can tell their intended tourist target (it’s not in Dutch, French of German).

Claim to fame for Durian ice lolly

Durian Ice Lollies, kept separately

Looking at the freezer display, I asked where the durian flavored lollies were located (none in sight). The attendant told me: ” Oh, we keep the durian lollies separately in the freezer back here because the smell is so strong!”

I said “show me” just to test that they really had it in stock. He pulled out a box containing the durian lollies and I didn’t want them to defrost so I indicated that I believed him and he could return them to their freezing chamber. But I forgot to ask him if it was the MSW or the D24. Well, benefit of the doubt, I suppose they should have both.