News Alert: The Musang King is here!

Last night, after an invigorating run through the empty street market, we went by our usual fruit store, Fu Wing.

Lo and behold… Not One but Four Musang Kings sitting in their full glory on the polystyrene box. They looked a good size and I asked see tao po (lady boss) how much they cost.


Ho guai aaaah yee gaa” she said, pausing for breath, then quickly “yat bat lok sap bat man yat pong“.

“Very expensive now, 168 HKD per pound”.

These durians would easily be 4-6 pounds each which would translate to 670-1000 HKD per durian. So at the top end, it’s 130 USD per fruit which would translate into Malaysian currency as 570+MYR per fruit (horrid exchange rate at the moment). Yikes! If my durian seller quoted me this in KL I would have gone ballistic.

I couldn’t bring myself to justify paying that much… Not with Christmas round the corner and our soon to eat durian feast in Singapore.

Sigh. Just photos then.

The winter season harvest has started. Right on Thanksgiving. So now you know.

Durians in London since 2014

Well I completely missed this piece of news but figure it’s not too late to put this up.

A shout out to my brother-in-law in London. Musang king now available in your city!!

Find it at Loon Fung. Tell me what it’s like.

Fresh Shipment of Durians from Johor and Pahang

We went to buy fruits at Ah Tong’s the other day. His shop is ¬†discreetly tucked away in the back alley behind the Farrer Road Market. He’s been selling fruit since he took over his father’s stall in Cuppage market. i remember going there with my mother as a small kid, bringing my own shopping basket (no plastic bags back then – we used carton boxes and our own marketing baskets), it was funny because Ah Tong would humour me by putting a total of 4 apples into my little basket which would fill it to the brim. Anyway, Ah Tong was a young man then but now has grown up kids of his own. It remains unclear whether they will stay in their father’s trade.

My dad loves to buy the exotic fruit he imports from certain countries and dealers. Weird shaped passion fruit, a sunshine yellow dragon fruit from Ecuador, expensive overly ripened persimmons from Japan and all sorts of interesting fruits to see, depending on the season.

One day when we were there to buy our usual fruit supplies for the week, Ah Tong said he had some spectacularly good Mau Sang Wang Durians from Malaysia. There is no better way, in my opinion, to ply the food trade then to allow people to sample a taste of great quality fruit. If you’re a fruit fanatic like we are of durian, it is impossible to resist. Ah Tong offered to open a durian on the spot for us to try. Would or could we say no? No way!!

Bright and Buttery Mao San Wangs

Yummy, ate almost half a durian

The durian was delicious and I think each of us ate 3-4 seeds just standing there. We polished off the entire durian. Sale guaranteed. My dad bought all 6 in the basket and asked him to put them all in plastic containers so that we can freeze them at home for later consumption.

These Mau Sang Wangs don’t come cheap, they’re about SGD 15 -20 per kilo, but that’s probably the going rate in Singapore.