Durians in Jakarta Supermarkets

GrandLucky Supermarket - Durian for sale

On a durian hunting outing during the weekend in Jakarta, Stinky Spikes spotted 2 supermarkets selling durian. In South Jakarta, 2 supermarkets have durian for sale. At GrandLucky, the durian aromas wafts towards you as you walk towards the fruit and vegetable section. The durians are from Thailand and were still in their shells and some of them were already split and open. And there was just one packet of durian for sale.

At thirty two thousand rupiah (RM 11), the durian looked quite ripe and soft, almost mushy. We think that this packet was left out for everyone to see what the quality, color and texture is like. This packet has probably u

ndergone severe molestation by all sort of fingers poking it to see whether the flesh yields. Poor packet. I think it is destined to become pulp and mushed up for a puff, pancake or dodol. If you’re there at GrandLucky and have a craving, you can find this whole crate at the back near the fresh fruit section. Quite surprisingly though, you can’t smell it until you’re almost 5 feet or less away from the entire crate. The reason I suppose, is that all the durians are still in their shells or husks, so the smells are contained and also keeps the fruit relatively fresh. The downside of this though, is that you have no idea what the fruit inside looks like or tastes like until you purchase it. Since Thailand has managed to achieve food SOP consistency, perhaps this isn’t as big a gamble as one might think.

Durian at Grandlucky from Thailand


All the durians looked to be of even size and very even coloring. I would estimate the weight of each to be between 2-3 Kilos.

It’s so funny that each of them had a red sticker around the evenly cut stems, with the telephone number and email address of the Thai company selling them.  I suppose it might be because it is direct sourcing from the plantation or agent.

Then we went to Lotte supermarket and while browsing around , discovered that they had a crate of durian too. It must be the Thais getting very savvy at exporting their fruit overseas. Similarly to GrandLucky, they also had the durians in their shells, although there were a few more packets on display. These durians looked a little darker (just slightly) in the shade of their husk and didn’t have a red sticker but a green sticker instead.

Thai Durian on display at the Jakarta Lotte Mart

And, like the ones at GrandLucky, exuded no smell at all. I began to wonder if they were all the new species from Chantanaburi. There is no way that any respectable supermarket in Malaysia would have local durians displayed thus because it would just stink out the entire area.

The durians were quite inexpensive. This 2.28Kg durian costs only 54 thousand rupiah, which roughly translates as 6 USD or less than 25 Ringgit. I can’t say about the quality though because we didn’t buy any (was not going home yet). And they had this one on display cut open so that shoppers could also see the nice golden pillow texture of the Thai durian. Notice that the husk is quite golden in color. Definitely genetically selected. These durians at the lotte were going for about 10% less than those at GrandLucky.

Whole Durians for sale at Lotte Mart, Jakarta

If anyone decides to fulfil a craving in the city, you know where you can get imported Thai durian. I am waiting to try the local durian selection to compare it with Malaysia’s wonderfully tasty species.