Durian Fan in his Durian T-Shirt!

It was about a month ago that Petr started corresponding with me about his interest in the durian t-shirt. We got ourselves organized and Petr asked me to get 2 of them for him. I admit that I was very anxious about sizes and as I had no idea about Petr’s upper body dimensions, it was all going to be a bit of a guess. In addition to my concerns, the Museum Shop had very few left and in limited sizes (it’s running out everyone!!) and I suppose many of our blog readers or durian fans in Singapore/Malaysia have headed over there to get their own.

Anyway, I managed to secure the very last men’s medium and one men’s large size t-shirt for Petr. The T-shirts come in quite fitting cuts, so I could see on the mannequin that even I could wear a medium (although it might be a bit loose on me), so I thought Petr should have an “L” size as I expect him to be taller than me and probably more muscular!

He sent me this photo to share with everyone. Petr, I think the t-shirt fits you perfectly! Enjoy wearing it and please share the durian biology with everyone in Denmark! It fits you perfectly 🙂

Hey! Where’d you get that nice looking Durian T-Shirt? 🙂

Museum shop update: No more sizes for women, only men’s t-shirts available in Large or X-Large. According to the shop staff, no intention to re-print anymore once they run out….