Latest durian prices at Sogo

Musang Kings or Mao Shan Wangs are back in season.

At Sogo they have the whole durians on sale but you can also buy them already in packets. Looks good.

You can see from the picture above, a packet with just one segment will set you back HKD 170-200. Worth it?

The whole durian is HKD 42 per 100 grams, that’s 420 per kg. So according to my exchange rate calculator that’s SGD 70 per kg. That’s RM 220 per kg. Aiyo ka gui bui sai jiak (translation from Teochew: ah too expensive cannot eat la).

Unless you’re not flying to Singapore or Malaysia for Christmas break then no choice if you’re desperate for a Musang king and at Sogo.

4 thoughts on “Latest durian prices at Sogo

  1. Thanks for the dedication to durian! Mustang King durians in the supermarkets are expensive but there is now a solution. There’s a shop in Causeway Bay importing fresh durians (including Musang King) from Malaysia at almost half the price of the supermarkets! It’s a great deal for Malaysian durian lovers. Address is 15 Canal Rd West, Causeway Bay. The Facebook page is

    • Hello Benny, thanks for stopping by my blog and congratulations on your new shop. I saw it when I was going past on a bus the other day but had no time to stop. I’ll drop by one of these days and you can tell me more about where you source your durians and an idea about the quality and service 🙂

  2. Great! Thanks. Look forward to meeting you. Let me know when you will come by and I will make sure I’m there. Also, my partner from Malaysia, Ah Hock, can also answer any questions you may have.

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