Singapore: No durians on the plane but how about the train?

I thought this article was particularly amusing. China embassy staff on Singapore produced a free pamphlet for chinese tourists on Do’s and Don’ts when visiting the country.

They had an official launch for the pamphlet, which in itself I find quite amusing. Apparently these pamphlets are available at Changi Airport.

The pamphlet also covers behaviour in public areas. Taking durian on a bus or train is “unofficially prohibited”, it cautions. The tropical fruit is known for its pungent smell that can be offensive to those who do not like it.

“How are we going to transport the fruit?” I hear the tourists protest..!

Sounds like a new service that an enterprising durian stall could offer. Online durian delivery services in sealed pouches of perhaps organised durian feasts for the tourists to enjoy.

Fruit Monkeys? Maybe you guys should advertise at Changi Airport 😉

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