Looking for a new durian t shirt for my wardrobe

I’ve been looking for a durian t shirt update for years. My first t shirt was my favourite but it’s no longer sold. My second t shirt was from the store G.O.D. in Hong Kong and it gets an “ok” rating from me as it has nice fabric but a mediocre design. It was a green v neck with a velvet durian in the center. I got a couple of wears out of it.

Looking around on google images, I see many durian designed themes for t shirts but they are all quite ugly. 

Why? Firstly, the depiction of the durian is “as is”, where the picture printed on the shirt is just a center aligned  image of the cut open fruit. That just smacks of artistic inertia. Who would want to wear that? 

Secondly the t shirts look like cheap quality.  I guess you get what you pay for. As they say in Singapore and Malaysia “Good no cheap, cheap no good”. Cheap quality t shirts only look good on models, when they are brand new and if you’re super skinny. 

After all that trawling, did I finally find one that fits my two t shirt wearing criteria? 

Yes, thanks to a Singaporean designer. I like the detailing of the string and that the durian isn’t just plonked in the central body of the shirt. 

The only issue now is whether it’ll fit me. The sizes look like they run small. I’ll try to find out and let you know if I decide to get one. 

6 thoughts on “Looking for a new durian t shirt for my wardrobe

  1. I like that shirt, though I’m not sure I could wear it. The shirt I would love to have had was one from the SIngapore Museum that you featured some time ago. I notice that my durian shirt did not appear on your google search. It’s not an ‘as is’ representation of a durian, which you may not favour, but as it neatly expresses one’s love for durian I think it’s worth sharing. Thanks for your enjoyable blog.


    • Thanks for sharing :). I like that you chose to put the durian heart on a red background and a v neck, it draws attention to the design. 👍

  2. Oh – I didn’t design the shirt! I just meant ‘mine’ to say ‘this is the one I have’. Mine is on a green background, but yes, the red is very good.

    • Hi Lindsay! Thanks for the offer, will check it out! I’m looking for a stylish sort of t shirt preferably with an interpretation of the fruit… hmm… 🙂

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