Last few spots on Lindsay’s durian tour for 2017

According to the Star newspaper in Malaysia, numbers of durians are down but the number of durian consumers are up. So this year we’ll be experiencing a price squeeze for durian… again. 

Durian orchard tours snapped up

For those making the annual pilgrimage to Penang for durian tasting, you’d best hurry as the bookings have been made by many others. 

Lindsay Gasik’s Bao Sheng durian farm tour in Penang is probably best to go with if you want an English speaking guide. 

If you prefer a more chinese D-I-Y experience which is less luxe (possibly no air conditioning and definitely no swimming pool) and more rural (ie harder to get to) you can check out this list of durian orchards by Jojo or give Fook Gor a call to confirm that they haven’t exported the best ones to KL…

2 thoughts on “Last few spots on Lindsay’s durian tour for 2017

  1. Awwwww thanks for the shout out ❤ made my day to be on your blog! I've been reading your blog for 7 years now, since I first found out durian existed. If you're back in Malaysia please let me know, VIP tour with this English speaking fan 🙂

    Although I am working on my Chinese — I'm getting good enough to make people laugh instead of just stare at me blankly. Improvement 😉

    • Thank you Lindsay for being my faithful reader. I think the knowledge you have amassed is amazing and am so happy to see that you are constantly introducing new fans to the King of Fruits. I have no doubt that soon you will be able to conquer the chinese market as well!

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