2016 Peak Season but no Malaysian Durians?

Perusing the usual fruit stalls in my neighbourhood, I would normally at this time of year, see durians from malaysia for sale. Pricing would definitely be exorbitant but the product would certainly be available, flashing it’s tempting yellow flesh and wafting it’s perfume at every potential durian fanatic who might stop and splurge. Not this year. It’s been noticeably dominated by Thai Monthong.

Yesterday I went to have a look at what was on offer at Sogo. Surely at Hong Kong’s most venerable supermarket, the Musang King might be found aplenty? 

Well here’s what the stock looked like.

Not promising at all.

Only 3 boxes left and they looked a strange hue of yellow-greenish-grey.

The prices are also close to what one would normally pay for a whole durian, these boxes contained about 4 seeds each. Steeeeeeep…!

So there’s a drought on in Malaysia and that’s really affecting supply chains across South East Asia.


4 thoughts on “2016 Peak Season but no Malaysian Durians?

  1. Yes, the weather here has been crazy! (I’m currently in Malaysia). There was a June season and then nothing in July and now the durians are starting to drop again… you should start seeing them around in August 🙂 🙂

    • Thanks Lindsay! Yes I hear the heat has been withering the flowers and the fruit is generally of poor quality. Lots of complaints and rejections from clients to durian sellers….this is how global weather changes can affect an entire domestic crop.

  2. Here in Far north Queensland same same many trees did not even flower last year, result being no Durians very sad indeed only very few farmers lucky enough to have had some fruit. Climate change is for sure the culprit

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