It’s a durian mochi shop

The vendors that took over the Tai Tai Pie Pie space on Queens Road East in Wan Chai is now a mochi shop that sells a few popular flavours, one of which is durian

The shop decor looks very simple (with fluorescent quite unattractive lighting in my opinion) and displays the oval shaped floured goods in white plastic tray-like boxes. 


Promoted flavours are mango and durian

While I was there mid afternoon, a few curious tourists and a local bought the peanut mochi. Judging by the trays, that was the most popular one. The durian mochi tray was still full. 

Not sure if they’re any good. I like tong yun but am less of a fan of mochi. 

These palm sized morsels sell for 15 HKD each but there was no obvious smells emanating from the shop even without packaging…. Perhaps it isn’t really good durian they’re using… The smell of Mao Shan Wang flesh permeates everything.

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