Hey, who bought all the durians at Park n Shop? 

On Saturday evening, all our plans for a meal with friends didn’t turn out as we had planned. So I decided that dinner would be had at home. I needed to buy some salad leaves to complement the larb moo I had in mind, so a supermarket stop was necessary.

What about some durian” said SW, “we can buy more of it while you’re getting the vegetables“. 

Not a bad idea I thought, perhaps more packets would be on sale. 


…but nowhere near half as good

As we marched over to the durian section, there were indeed lots of packets of durianBut not Musang King. Only Thai durian..what a croc. Two packets remained of the Malaysian durians, one of which had a tear in the cling film and the other looked liked it had been prodded and been subjected to unfair gravitational forces. 


yup.. thats all that’s left

I sniffed the pack with the slit in the packaging. Smelled a bit too fermented.., it was already over-ripe and without refrigeration these delicate morsels don’t keep well. The other pack would be the same. 


and still marked at full price

A quick check in the refrigerated section yielded no other packets of durian (you may remember I had been misled before… See this post).

So nope, no durians for us on Saturday’s dessert menu. 

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