Durians in London since 2014

Well I completely missed this piece of news but figure it’s not too late to put this up.

A shout out to my brother-in-law in London. Musang king now available in your city!!

Find it at Loon Fung. Tell me what it’s like.

3 thoughts on “Durians in London since 2014

  1. I’m not sure if you saw this or not — I found some Musang King durian at a shop in Portland, OR (United States) and wrote a review of my experience with it. I thought that the texture survived being frozen much better than the average Thai durian, and since texture is my #1 complaint about frozen durian this was a true revelation.

    Anyway, this is the link: http://www.yearofthedurian.com/2015/11/review-of-frozen-musang-king-durian-in.html

    I’ll look forward to your impression and if you think it looks good!

    • Hi Lindsay, I have to say I was most surprised that the durians were shipped frozen in their shells. This is very unusual. Most of the frozen durians I’ve seen in Asia are already de-shelled and shrink wrapped in plastic, with a label slapped on. But freezing a while durian like this has a few advantages…
      1) your unmolested fruit is still in its original packaging.
      2) the original packaging helps to keep the shape of the fruit intact (no fingerprints, no accidental squashing).
      3) the smell is retained and emanates in thawing
      4) the fruit may thaw more naturally and the husk may wick away a bit of the melting water.
      5) perhaps this is why the texture remains intact.

      I have to say that Musang king does generally freeze well and can keep for months without spoiling. Perhaps it’s the innate water content or a higher amount of lipids that allow the membranes to retain the velvety texture.
      Happy you found it in Oregon, it looked delicious. How much was it for one and do you think they managed to sell them all by thawing time?

      • One fruit was $20. I wondered that too, if there were many others besides me buying. They must put them away at night; I bought mine shortly before closing and I can’t imagine they’d let them sit out overnight. This of course introduces the problems of freezing-thawing-refreezing which can really ruin an okay fruit. Hopefully they don’t do that.

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