Duria – brand of durian mooncakes

Late post. I had this information in early September, now putting it down for posterity.

The fruit stall that I’ve purchased Malaysian durian from on several occasions had a fridge put out during mooncake season this year.

A special fridge for those precious pastries

A special fridge for those precious pastries

Each dark mysterious box contained 4 Frozen mooncakes. I had a look inside the fridge, curious as to the size of each mooncake, but the tins were individually wrapped in shrink wrap.., to prevent tampering I suppose. A freezer tells me that it’s snowskin.

At 380HKD per box, that would be equivalent to the cost of one fruit. Well, roughly the same price as what I would have to pay in Singapore… Maybe I’ll try it next year.

Durian mooncake tin

Durian mooncake tin

5 thoughts on “Duria – brand of durian mooncakes

  1. Wow, that’s nearly $50 USD for a box, for only four little cakes? Seems a bit outrageous.

    Will there be pics of where you buy fresh Mao Shan Wong coming soon? 🙂

    I did try to make durian mooncakes for my family this year — no surprise they liked the chocolate ones best! It seems chocolate is the best way to get Westerners to eat durian 😉

    • Yup it’s outrageous indeed. Mooncakes, just like fresh durian is seasonal. Despite that they are frozen cakes, once the festival is over you can’t get them anymore from anywhere… It’s as though the stock magically sells out or disappears.
      I’m impressed you made durian mooncakes… How did they turn out and were the chocolate ones very chocolatey? Was the durian flavour able to come through? Did you use fresh durian or frozen? 😉

      Indeed I will try to buy fresh durian again soon. The winter harvest is about to begin. This year it’s been so hot and dry in Malaysia, I think it’s been tough on the durian plantations so I’m bracing myself for high prices….

      • I thought the mooncakes came out well, although the first time I made them I added too much liquid and then had to add more sugar because I hadn’t prepared enough of the cooked glutinous rice flour, so they were over sweet. Second time worked better 🙂 The chocolate ones were quite dark chocolate and it really does match the durian flavor well. I just used plain durian pulp, which I thawed and then refroze again to make a shape to put inside the mooncakes. It was really a fun project! I even dyed them orange and put little faces on them so they would look like jack-o-lanterns for Halloween — the “American Autumn Festival” :D. This is them here, and I put the recipe too: http://www.yearofthedurian.com/2015/10/durian-snowskin-mooncakes-for-halloween.html

        Will you travel back to Malaysia to eat durians this year?

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