Durian dessert shop on Sharp Street East

We planned to have dessert at Cao Song last Sunday. Until we saw the queue. Forget it, I said to our little group of six, we weren’t going to hang around for an hour on a pavement barely shoulder width wide. Not with three kids in tow.

The next dessert shop in the street was Dessert Playground. It was deserted, not a single customer… definitely a bad sign. Well, we needed somewhere to sit so we took the plunge. A rather confusing menu was presented.

Oddly enough, this fluorescent lit shop with bright green awnings had a list of chinese desserts but seemed to specialise in durian derived desserts. There was a lot to choose from.

Everyone else went for the chinese desserts or the western cakes… I ordered the Mau Sang Wang ice stick for HKD 68 (D24 version costs HKD 38).

The ice cream was edible, suitably creamy without any artificial under or overtones. It was well made without a high water content so you don’t get that brittle ice texture where it all comes apart with each bite. Downside was that it was smaller than I expected and the presentation on an ugly plastic plate was disappointing.

All the other desserts ordered, chocolate cake, coconut pho, the chinese soups were just awful and quite inedible. They tasted straight out of a packet. 

Verdict: great for groups needing a place for a rest as it’s almost always empty (I think I’ll remember it as desert playground). Get a durian ice cream or a drink, all other desserts are poor quality.


2 thoughts on “Durian dessert shop on Sharp Street East

  1. You should see the size of my eyes as I am reading over that menu. They keep getting bigger and bigger! Wow, what a dessert shop! Are places selling these kinds of durian desserts common in Hong Kong? Durian nachos sound ah-mazing! Sad to hear that most desserts were of poor quality — but whoever owns that shop must really love durian.

    • Ha ha yes it’s a bit over the top isn’t it… They are clearly catering to durian fanatics. The durian samosas, nachos and drink would be a full on meal. Thing is, for that price, you can buy a whole fresh MSW. When in season anyway. I guess this is the alternative. The durian coconut butter sounds interesting, I might try to get my hands on that and let you know if it’s good as original “kaya” toast.

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