Good luck Fillmore! Attempting a mini durian plantation

Fillmore wrote to me some time ago asking if I could send him some durian seeds for his garden. It took a while due to my own dry spell of good durians. Either the seeds had been frozen before (and therefore no longer reliable), or they just didn’t look like good seeds to grow (see this previous post if you need to know what this means).

Anyway on a recent trip back to durian motherland, I managed nothing short of a heist to bring this back for personal enjoyment. It was only one box but soooo delightful. It was a Mao Shan Wang (Musang king), which had large and little seeds. I selected six of the largest, packaged them and sent them off to Fillmore in the Philippines by registered parcel post.

The durians. MSW's from Malaysia.

The durians. MSW’s from Malaysia.

Here’s what Fillmore had to say…..

Hi Stinky Spikes!. . . . I am so happy to let you know that just received yesterday afternoon September 9, 2014 all six (6) durian seeds you sent me via Hong Kong. At that time i just recovered from a fever and colds, but upon seeing the durian seeds, the fever just disappeared. I now planted it in some pots filled with top soil to grow. Are those seeds of the precious Musang King variety? Again, a million thanks to you for those seeds, I will pray that you will always have good health and more blessings to come. Again, thank you.

He got them on the day of the mid Autumn festival, how auspicious! I hope that you’ll invite me for fruit if they grow into trees 🙂

15 thoughts on “Good luck Fillmore! Attempting a mini durian plantation

  1. My friend Stinky Spikes, all six seeds have germinated and I think all seedlings are growing well. I have placed them in a growing medium prepared from fine sand with a mixture of silt loam. I will be transferring the seedlings to a mixture of top soil and compost of rice straws. Next week, I will try my best to show you the photographs of the six seedlings of the Musang King. Again, thank you so much for your kindness.

    • Hi Filmore!

      I am excited to see the photos of the seedlings!

      Fingers crossed that all goes well. Please take photos at the different stages so that we can see the progress 🙂

      Stinky but hopeful,

    • Dear Mr. Filmore,
      my name is Julito Yranel I have a farm in MIndanao I wanted to plant some musang king durian in my farm currently I have 5 native durian trees. Can you give me some advice how I could procure some seeds for planting

  2. Growth Development of Durian Seeds of the Mao Shan Wang Variety or Musang King from Stinky Spikes:
    Germinating Durian Seeds: the radicles have finally penetrated the seed coat changed or become hypocotyl and elongated rapidly transitioning into root-type structures or anatomy lifting the dicotyledons out of the soil soon to become stem-type structure, each with a node. Soon the shoot apexes will appear and elongate and make appendages to produce the collection of stems and leaves that constitute the plant shoots of the durian plants, a Musang King or Mao Shan Wang variety, yeheey! All these came from the good and kind hearted friend – Stinky Spikes, Wow! I am so delighted, I love it.
    What a wonderful day for me! Thank you so much, Stinky Spikes, my friend. I will pray to the Almighty Lord God in heaven to bless you more on everything. Thank you.

    sone/SS, please send to me your email ad. I will just email to you the photographs of the growing Musang King seedlings in different stages as development progress time after time. Thank you friend.

  3. sone/SS, I have the photographs of the Musang King durian seedlings in word document. I don’t know how to upload the pictures in your blog, except if I am going to send it to you thru your email ad if you will provide me of it. Thank you sone/ss.

  4. Stinky you can see the photos of the growing seedlings in my facebook account just search my name Fillmore Sagario. you can see the pictures of the growing durian seedlings. . .Thank you for another batch of Musang King durian seeds and other popular varieties in the future. Thanks again for sending. . .

  5. Stinky base on your blog i wish to germinate the following varieties of durian seeds:
    1) King of the Kings
    2) D24
    3) Black thorn
    4) Golden phoenix
    5) XO
    6) Red Prawn
    7) Ang Bak
    8) Bamboo Leg
    9) Thrakka
    10) Kanyao (D158)

  6. Maam SS/sone, kindly open my facebook under the name Salvador Sagario where I upload most of my photos of the growing durian seedlings, thank you ma’am sone. Fillmore

    • Hi Fillmore!

      I wanted to let you know that I found your FB but couldn’t see any pics apart from your profile picture. Can you upload it into a public album?

      S One

    • Lindsay, is the durian that you are holding in your picture a Musang King variety? Can I request some of its seeds? Is that from the Musang Queen’s farm? Thank you and Happy New Year to you and Rob, also to sone or ss, God bless you wonderful guys. I am so happy to have you all as my good friends in this wonderful world of ours.

  7. Wow! Lindsay, now you are sending notes, thank you. I must say that there is nothing negative about the growth of the MSK seedlings so far. I hope the MSK will find our place as a good environment to thrive to the optimum. . . . Can you also send me some seeds of the MSK from the orchard Ms. Tina Chong? or from any reliable MSK supplier in Malaysia or in Singapore? I love to try experimenting. Thanks a lot, Happy New Year to you and Rob, and to Stinky Spikes. god bless u all.

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