Durian at Cengkareng Airport, Jakarta part 2

I still had another hour before the flight. I had my toasted Starbucks cheese bagel (which was bad it was more like a spongy cheap bread with a dry crust) and an orange juice. I ate it because I was starving hungry, but my recommendation is to choose something else, maybe quiche.

Starbucks Cheese Bagel - Not recommended

Starbucks Cheese Bagel – Not recommended

Anyway, I left Starbucks via the shop next to it. It’s a bit awkward but essentially Starbucks got the premium space with the windows and the shop just gets the corridor facing bit. If you ever go to that airport (terminal 2), you will see what I mean.

So this was the first display I saw which I was curious to see. It looked like lego boxes piled up high.

Colorful boxes

Colorful boxes

I went in for a closer look.

Aha! Durian Crepe

Aha! Durian Crepe

And then one particular box caught my attention. Not just durian from anywhere mind you but Bali durian. I suppose the target market is Japanese, Korean and Chinese. Basically North Asia.

photo 3

Price wise, it’s 9USD per box and if you buy 6, you get 1 free. That’s how they get you to buy it as a souvenir and distribute it to all your friends.


Competitor Durian Crepe

And then round the corner was a display of another box and brand of durian crepe. It specifically says “A gift from Indonesia” on the box. Well, now you know what its for.

I didn’t buy any but here’s something that’s not dol-dol from Indonesian durian.

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