Durian Ice Cream at Island Creamery

Our long hike concluded at Serene Center. Carrying the dynamic ZI as a 6.5Kg weight had SW covered in sweat. That meant that dinner had to be somewhere outdoors and conducive to three stinky people. We ate at Le Petit Cuisine for the first time. It was okay, the steak was sold out so SW had to settle for a veal tenderloin with some cream sauce and pasta. I had the cutlet and pasta and we shared a salad. After that, we proceeded to Island Creamery for dessert and since it was Father’s Day, they were giving away a free scoop of ice cream to all dads (how nice of them).

Island Creamery doesn’t do the usual flavors, everything is a bit localized. They don’t have chocolate, vanilla or strawberry per se but I’m pleased to report that they have durian flavor as a standard one now. I didn’t see it available in scoops in the display freezer, but they had tubs of it for sale as pints.

Durian Ice Cream at Island Creamery

Durian Ice Cream at Island Creamery

You can see all the other interesting flavors they have around the Durian ice cream…


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