An unexpected durian popsicle encounter

After checking in for my late afternoon flight at KLIA, my troop and I headed for the immigration booths. Strolling along, I noticed a new pop-up stand that now takes up half the width of the corridor (actually you can’t miss it). Between Selangor Pewter and Secret Recipe, a small freezer with a very exciting design caught my eye.



Of all the fruits depicted, it was the durian that really got me walking over to take a closer look. Was it just marketing? or did they really have the durian potong stick?

Durian Potong Stick at KLIA

Durian Potong Stick at KLIA

Indeed! There lay the durian potong stick ice creams next to the red bean ones. It looked pretty good and it was a hot day. My mother who was with me decided that we ought to have one. Oh well, lots of time before the flight so we may as well make the most of it. The potong stick was quite refreshing but I didn’t think it was quite as tasty as the other brand of durian potong stick. It was probably made of D24 and wasn’t stinky like a mau sang wang.

If you’re at KLIA and feeling peckish (but not for MacDonalds), get a potong stick which costs less than RM3. Ahead of the booth towards the immigration checking counter, there are some benches where you can sit and enjoy your ice cream.


photo (62)

KLIA booth selling Durian Potong Stick


Look for counters G or H at Entrance 7 or 8. Walk through the hall, past the check in counters towards Secret Recipe Cafe and this booth is on the left of the cafe.

2 thoughts on “An unexpected durian popsicle encounter

  1. Hi,
    My name is Jacob, and i am a Durian fanatic from India. We have a few trees of wild Durian (some unidentified variety) in India, whose fruit taste quite good. My family and I went to Thailand last month to take part in the world Durian fest at Chanthaburi, and had a very nice time eating the thai varieties such as Monthong, Phuan Manee etc. We are actually planning to visit Malaysia next month, just to taste the Malysian varieties such as MSW, D24 etc. Can you give me the contacts of some nurseries where we can import good quality saplings of Mao Shan Wang and D24 varieties of Durian to India? What is the procedure to import them legally? Looking forward to your reply


    • Hi Jacob!

      Thanks for following Stinky Spikes! I never knew there were wild durian trees in India. I learn something new every day. Are you able to take some pictures and send them to me? Also I would appreciate if you could describe the fruit and their flavors.

      For your trip to Malaysia, I would highly recommend that you visit Penang for some great hybrids. You will be swamped by the varieties of durian and the tastes. You could visit the farms in Balik Pulau (also on Penang Island) and try to get some grafts from them to take back with you to India. The durians in the farms which they may try to sell you for eating may not be so good though, as most of the premium ones will be sent into the city for sale by the stalls.

      If you are in Kuala Lumpur, then I think you could head out to Bentong in Pahang where they have many plantations and fruit for sale in the town. Here’s one:

      Alternatively, a convenient farm to visit (although not too picturesque) is the Sim Koa Yen Farm which is in Malacca.They have durian buffets, eat as much as you like, from 18 June to 18 August, from 10am – 3pm. I would advise to get there early as by mid-day most of the best durians are gone.

      You might be able to cultivate some of the durians from seeds, depending on how you long you are planning to keep them prior to growing. I think the shorter the better.

      Hope it goes well and let me know what you decide!

      Stinky Happy Always,

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