Roaring Trade at Dempsey Car Park

Dempsey Car Park Durian Stall

Attention: All Durian Lovers from Malaysia who are vacationing in Singapore and wondering where to go have some durian while seeing the sights…

The other night while driving down from dinner at Dempsey, I noticed that the durian stall at Dempsey doing great business. When we drove in to Dempsey, the durians lined the shelves and the stall had many baskets of fruit for sale. Then after dinner, when I took this photo, the durians were almost all sold out.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to stop and peruse their shipment and durian but I’ve eaten there before and can assure you that it’s a premium (due to location and convenience) but you also pay for what you get. The durians are reliably good.

So if you want to have a romantic dinner and durian, then consider one of the nice places in Dempsey and take a short stroll down towards the stalls which is past the Samy’s curry and Beets Restaurant towards Holland Road.

Here’s a map!

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