Durian Crazy At Home

Well mum just couldn’t resist. When the regular fruit-man called her to say that he had some of the best durians available “today” (they always say that by the way), she agreed to buy up the six he had in hand and freeze them for a feast. The six durians filled 3 decent

First box of defrosted durians at home

medium sized boxes which mum immediately put into the freezer to keep them as fresh as possible. On the day when we were visiting at 4pm in the afternoon, she took them out to thaw and filled the entire house with the characteristic and unmistakable durian aroma. The durians were defrosted but still slightly chilled. Yum.

“What type is this mum?” I ask.

“Oh, I am not sure.. maybe its mau sang wang? All the durians were very small and the seeds, look are tiny.” She says.

Second box of defrosted durians at home

Well, I didn’t think it was MSW because firstly the flesh isn’t as yellow as other MSW’s. And the fact that it was small, like each pellicle of fruit (about 3-4 seeds) was probably only about 15cm in length tells me that this is probably a smaller species. The smell wasn’t as strong, probably because of the freezing process, and the flesh was mild and just ripe. The seeds were tiny and irregularly shaped – not good for planting. I think she said the fruit-man claimed they were from Pahang, which is not surprising because it’s such a large agricultural state.

Anyway the durians tasted good and between 4 of us, we polished off every single seed with great delight. (and the burping after proves it)

Third box of durians at home


2 thoughts on “Durian Crazy At Home

  1. That’s yummy, my kids prefer frozen just like ice cream durian flavor. I think it’s not as heaty as the fresh one. Enjoy, this seasons durian is much cheaper.

    • Hi CK!

      yes agreed, freezing the durian does indeed make the taste less strong, in fact I think this is true of all desserts which also add cream and sugar, and other ingredients which “dilute” the taste of the durian.
      Basically, us aficionados love it strong and fresh!

      🙂 Stinky Spikes

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