How do you interpret Durians at the SAM?

If you’re in Singapore for the weekend in these next few months, do drop by the Singapore Art Museum (SAM). I went over the weekend and had so much fun. The Panorama contemporary exhibit is a lot of fun, don’t miss the wonderful video installations themed “Love”, “Painting” and many others which are video collages of old movies featuring aspects of the named theme.

A poster in Lee Wen’s collection

In Lee Wen’s office display area, I came across the first reference to a durian in a yellow poster that he had up high on the wall (I had to get SW to take this photo with arms fully vertically extended). The only reference was a drawing of the fruit but the advertisement was for something completely unrelated. You can see that it’s an interesting depiction showing a duck (?) grasping a durian with its feet and the durian seems to be dropping down to earth.

Of course a real life event like this is unlikely. Ducks can’t pick durians up with their feet and most probably not lift them in flight at all…. but it gets your attention and certainly adds a nice picture feature to the yellow poster and tiny words.

Durian Vacuum Cleaner?

Then the next very strange durian interpretation I found in the upstairs gallery was this… a durian vacuum cleaner and a durian remote control car! What fun. Vacuum cleaner for the domesticated lady and the remote control car for the kid at heart?

I didn’t try plugging in the vacuum cleaner but we did start playing with the remote control durian which was quite entertaining for about 5 minutes before we handed off the controls to the next person. (warning: don’t run the durian control car into people’s feet, its pretty painful!)

Here’s the description of what the artist Lee Wen intended:

Durian Art – Vacuum Cleaners and Remote Control Cars?

Quite amusing huh?

“Performing arts….”

Lee Wen is the artist who paints himself yellow (reminds me of the man in the Digi advertisements) and walks around almost nude with strange poses or props. I’m sure you’ll find it as whimsical and entertaining as I did…

ps. Do stop at the circular ping pong table and give it a try! It was great fun 🙂

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