Durian in Beijing Supermarket

When I was reading SW’s Weekend FT, there was an article in the Life section (13th May 2012) about a fund manager who left the UK and went to Hong Kong to start a new fund investing in small and medium enterprises in China. There were some great descriptions about the difficulty of doing business there and some information which help to flavor the article for European readers. Surprisingly, there was mention of durians in the Beijing Supermarket, the equivalent of Carrefour or Tesco’s called “Wumart”, which stocked the stinky spiky fruit. No idea whether the durians are from Thailand or Malaysia but they are definitely fresh ones if they are stinking up the place!

(Funnily enough, the article says that Wumart is not Tesco or Walmart, but they haven’t been to Tesco’s or Carrefour in Malaysia! Here, we do have all sorts of chicken parts on ice and in fact all kinds of seafood too, it’s almost like a wet market in many of the hypermarts here….)

durians in beijing

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