Durian Fest & Food Fair in Penang 2012

Announcement to all Durian Fans – The latest Durian Fest in Penang is on again. Details are as in the picture below. Penang durians are great in variety and full in flavor, if you haven’t been to Penang for durians before, I do recommend a trip to try.

(happened across it in this month’s Jetstar magazine – they seem to advertise specifically to Singaporeans to plan their trip there)

Durian Food Fair in Penang

6 thoughts on “Durian Fest & Food Fair in Penang 2012

  1. On June 4 there was no festival or estate/farm stalls at Balik Pulau’s new market (even though the festival ws advertised down many roads in Georgetown too). Just the normal wet market and food stalls. Guess they’re setting up. But… there is still plenty of durian to be bought from the many wholesale/retail durian stalls across the street from the market. Many of the top varieties are available. We ate Ang Hae, Hor Lor, Capri, Mountain King, and a very pungent unbranded type from the stall owner’s tree. All were superb. Mangosteens available at a few of the stalls, and at the wet market, if you pair them up. Wish I could have stayed longer because when I drove back through with no time to stop on the 5th, there were even more durians piled up than the day before!

    • Hi David!

      Thanks for the update… it’s good to know what is actually happening on the ground, which is often very different from what we read in advertisements! Yes I’m planning my trip to Penang for the durians pretty soon too… this is actually the best time and start of the season!

      How much did you pay for all that you ate?

      Stinky S-one

  2. Paid 80 RM for all four branded types (Hor Lor for 30RM and Capri for 10RM at one stall, Ang Hae for 25RM and Mountain King for 15RM at another). The first stall owner gave me the unbranded one because it fell off his tree and a squirrel ate out one pod. He said, “here, have this for free” as he packed up what I didn’t finish at the stall and was going to take back to share with my family (who are only moderately interested in durian) at the hotel. It was the most bitter and pungent durian I’ve ever had – and very addictive in its own unique way.

    A number of people in Penang (not at the stalls, but others) told me the durian was still expensive since it was so early – but I had to also wonder if I paid a bit more than the local price being the only westerner in sight in Balik Pulau, and when eating at two stalls in Georgetown. Either way, I loved it and am hoping to go back next year in the second half of June with some friends who love to eat durian like I do. However, now I’m in Hong Kong visiting my wife’s family and eating Golden Pillow again – since the Malaysian durians in the fancy grocery stores here are way to expensive (65 and 97 HK dollars per pound for Mountain King and Ang Hae, respectively!).

    • Thanks David!

      That’s great information for all of us planning to head over to Penang for durians this season!
      Yes, that’s true some stalls do charge tourists more… hmm. I am thinking of a way which we can perhaps equalize this… will keep you posted.

      Enjoy the Golden Pillow… it’s not too bad when its really ripe, almost a reminder of the D24.

      🙂 S-one

    • Hi Misnah

      Sorry Durian season is over in Penang, I just checked with my colleagues today. The next season will be in November when you can get the good stuff. I think now you can get the decent ones in KL, all of them are from Pahang.

      Stinky Spikes Advisor 🙂

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