Durian Ice Cream Carts in Bogor, Indonesia

One friendly doe at the Bogor Botanical Gardens

On a recent day trip out of Jakarta, the road to Puncak is not for the faint hearted. We left at a reasonable hour on a Saturday morning, 7am but after getting stuck in the queue up to the pass, we decided to turn around and head off to Bogor instead. This required some back tracking onto the highway, but the way was clear and it was a relief to be travelling at speeds greater than 20km/hour. It was relatively smooth all the way to Bogor and SW and I  were dropped off in the Bogor Botanical Gardens to walk around and have a look. We spent a few hours walking around, I was determined to search out the beautiful deer grazing by the Istana.

Es 'Ice' Cream Durian

When we got hungry, we decided to take the guide book’s advice and try out some Indonesian food in the Jalan Pangrango district. On the way there, we spied a street lined with stalls selling vegetables, small pet rabbits and strangely, durian ice-cream. We didn’t stop to get any (also some concerns about hygiene) but I shall find out next time I see a cart whether the durian was locally sourced or from Thailand (see previous post).

It’s nice that the durian ice cream (Es Duren) cart is right next to the fritters cart, anyone can have a hot and cold combination.

If you’re in Bogor and would like to know where to find these carts, here’s a map:

Market Street for rabbits and durian ice cream, Bogor

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