Durian Ice Cream with Bunny at Taste Paradise, Jakarta

After quite an elaborate and filling chinese meal, we contemplated dessert. The menu had interesting items like the double boiled hashima (Rp 98K), an aloe-jelly iced dessert and various ice creams. We decided to get 4 desserts between 6. 2 friends decided they wanted the “Durian ice-cream in coconut” which didn’t sound terribly appealing to me, but it came cutely presented.

The durian ice cream was in a scooped out coconut and alongside was a rather pink dusted rabbit. Hmm, what was it made of we wondered. Ah. After the first taste, LR pronounced that it was a pink marshmallow dusted with coconut (so that’s where it went). Was it interesting? Yes. Is it worth ordering again? The response was ambivalent, not wanting to insult the host nor the restaurant of course.

Taste Paradise, 4th Floor
Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta

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