New Durian product at Suvarnabhumi, Bangkok


Durian always presents itself as one because every fruit is so individual in its character, flavor and aromas.

Durian Wafers and Mangosteen Wafers at Suvarnabhumi

It’s always interesting for me when I’m browsing around and find some new way that people think we should consume durian. Introducing….. the “Durian Wafer”! No longer just wafers of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry, now mangosteen, durian and jackfruits too. Well, I suppose once you’ve extracted the essence de durio successfully, you might as well go for the whole gamut of processed items.

Spotted these on the shelves. I bought the dehydrated durian and the durian with sticky rice (instant packet) instead.

On this note, I’d like to mention that one pack of dehydrated durian is on its way to Dan, and the durian with sticky rice is on its way to Brett.  I’m inviting 2 guest reviewers for this product to the Stinky Spikes blog, so we’ll see what they have to say!


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