Durian Booklet produced by the Penang Tourism Board

Parental Unit M today asked me over lunch if I had seen the different types of delicious durians in Penang. She doesn’t know I have this blog (at least I think she doesn’t know) and I replied that I had indeed tasted many different types of Penang durian and knew their flavors and some of their names.

She received this brochure by email from a friend and was rather inspired to make a trip to Penang to sample the ones mentioned. I said that it would only be right to attempt this during peak season, July through to September and not before (if we want to sample the range). And ideally, it would be 3 trips, one per month, because like the stock market, you just can’t time it to get everything you want.

Anyway, I thought it would be nice to make the brochure available on this site, since I haven’t come across it on my travels and you’re very welcome to view it and let me know what you think of their durian depictions, durian poetry and other snippets of weird and wonderful information.DurianBooklet


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