A Singapore Souvenir: Durian Merlion Cookies

I was buying some green tea for a friend at the supermarket in Takashimaya, Singapore when I spied this very strange confectionary.

Durian Merlions


A box of about ten inches by ten inches of Durian flavored merlion* cookies cost SGD 5.50.


And if you prefer mangosteen cookies, they have that flavor too (see bottom half of the photo).


I have no idea how they taste, maybe I’ll buy them for a friend and then ask to share it ao that I can try a piece… ha ha.


What other flavors might become available? Imagine, a soursop or chiku cookie? I think durian cookies are already quite a strange thing. Why would you prefer to have a cookie over the real deal!


* For the uninitiated, the Merlion is a Singapore icon. There’s a big statue of it on Marina Bay, spitting water out for good luck. You can read more about Merlion history. Also, opposite the Merlion in Singapore, there is Singapore’s famous performing theatre, the Esplanade, which is also fondly known as the “Durians” because of the metallic spiky external exterior.

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