Anyone tried the Durian Stall Behind Jalan Loke Yew?

I drove past it, didn’t stop and don’t know anything about it. Yet.

Looks like there’s no place to sit and it is strictly take-away.

Durian Stall Behind Loke Yew

2 thoughts on “Anyone tried the Durian Stall Behind Jalan Loke Yew?

  1. Hey,
    I love your blog, very inspiring! I’ve also been following Darrick and his Durian adventures and the 2 of you inspire me to go SE asia to feast! I’ve only tried frozen Thai Durian here in the states. It was OK, and I still fell in love with it, I can’t imagine what my experience will be like over there!! Anywho, I saw an old post that you did about your Durian T-Shirt. I know this may be a long shot, but is it still available at place you bought it at? Would love to own one.

    Happy feasting!

    From Florida.

    • Hi Fernando!

      Thanks for your compliment and I’m really happy you enjoy my blog! Durians are a pretty niche fruit and I’m surprised that it’s making its way to you in Florida. Where did you buy it and was it expensive? Would be nice to know some details!

      I think the Durian t-shirt might still be available, but it’s a little pricey at $40 no matter what the size. I suspect this is because they have special copyright licenses to print the original drawings. So if you’re still interested let me know and I can help you find out whether its available in your size!

      Do visit SE Asia for the durians and more wonderful experiences! Plan to be here during the peak season, that’s when durians are abundant in variety and quantity, and tasty too.

      Stinky Happy Always!

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