Durian Party in Malaysia, Anyone?

Malaysia is having a last harvest before 2012 comes around and the quality of the durians is pretty good. Price is also reasonable due to the rainy seasons which discourage even the most ardent of fans from visiting a stall in a torrential rainstorm.

But all is not lost, now you can have a durian party in your house with just 2 days prior arrangement. Sounds like a lot of fun and could be a good deal, although I have no idea what the quality of durians would be like. So if you want to organize a durian party, do check out the article below, and let me know how it goes…..


From: The Star

Thursday December 29, 2011

Durian party, anyone?

KUALA LUMPUR: Fama is promoting its “Jom Makan Durian” festival by offering its services for durian parties at people’s homes.

Chairman Datuk Badruddin Amiruldin said the “Durian Party” was a Fama initiative to encourage more Malaysians to eat local fruits.

“With a minimum 50 people, the durian party can be held at home,” he explained.

“For instance, when a family wants to invite relatives and friends over to the house for the weekend, they can have such a party.

Durian lovers: Media guests having a feast at the Pesta Jom Makan Durian 2011 at the Telekom Muzium compound in Kuala Lumpur yesterday. – Bernama

“Fama will be there at the house,” he said. “We will set up the canopy and our officers will serve the fruits at a reasonable price,” he told reporters at a “Jom Makan Durian” festival at the Telekom Museum compound here yesterday.

Badruddin said the charges were RM15 per adult and RM8 per child.

“And, they can eat as much as they want.”

He said the programme was introduced two years ago but the service was only available in certain areas.

“Since durian is a seasonal tropical fruit, we could only sell it in certain months.

However, with the improvement of technology, we can pretty much get it all year round now,” he added.

He also noted that the programme was aimed at generating income for local durian farmers.

“We are trying to help farmers sell off their durians. All fruits are fresh from the orchards and no extra charge will be added in order for us to send it to their homes,” he said.

He said those interested could contact any Fama district offices or the headquarters to enquire about the party.

“They must also inform us at least two days before the party. If the programme is successful, we will extend the programme by promoting other fruits such as rambutan and mangosteens,” he said. – Bernama

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