Durian Stall in Sri Hartamas

Durian Stall in Sri Hartamas

I’m usually in the city center but my gym teacher now teaches my favorite exercise class out at Sri Hartamas. It’s a long way to go for me but the class is so enjoyable that its worth it. So after sweating up a stink, it was time to get in the car and head home for a hot shower. As we drove along the main road to leave Sri Hartmas (Jalan 23/70a), I spied a durian stall which I had never known was there.

The signs on the stall clearly state that the durians are from Pahang and is pretty hilarious because it says “SPECIAL. GUARANTI BOLEH MAKAN” which translates as “GUARANTEED EDIBLE”. The menu lists the Mau Sang Wang or Musang King, the D101, the D24 and D2. All famous breeds of durian.

It didn’t look particularly busy but then again most people prefer to head out for their durians when it gets a little cooler, later in the day. I didn’t stop to try this time around (this photo was taken from a moving vehicle) but probably will have to check it out the next time I’m there.

If you want to give it a try and let me know what the durians are like there, here is the map which will help you find it. 

2 thoughts on “Durian Stall in Sri Hartamas

  1. Hi Sone! I am writing you on my phone while sitting at this stall with my fingers still sticky with durian. As of this comment, this stall is here. The owners names are Yani and Ali Omar. Thank you for this wonderful tip!!

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