Durian Chocolate Anyone?

Well, I do like chocolate. Yes, I do like durian. I suppose it wouldn’t have been too much of a stretch to combine two of your favorite desserts into one… is it?

Imagine: strawberry chendol…., guava barley…., pomelo cheng tng…, rambutan and cheese? There is no end to strange and wonderful possible combinations- as weird as they may sound- so maybe durian chocolate isn’t so strange after all. Durian is already used in a whole host of other dessert varieties, for example durian pancake (many featured on this blog), durian ice-cream (I just had it on Monday at Scoop Singapore, devilly delicious) and durian sweets and fluffy cake.

I haven’t seen durian jam, durian coffee, durian tea or durian massge oil yet though… maybe we have to accept that some things are just not commercially marketable.

If you’d like to try the durian chocolate (desperate for a fun gift or just desperate for that aroma de durian), you can buy this at the airport. I spotted this at the LCC terminal, international departure zone, but they probably have it at the main KLIA terminal too (I’ll have to keep you posted on that).

Chocolate Durian Booth

This is the large chocolate and alcohol shop at the base of the escalator in the international departure waiting area.

I was initially looking at the Hershey’s when I spied something further back…

And here’s a close up… apparently comes with a free gift too. I didn’t see too many people walking out with a box, so its a bit hard to gauge whether this product has been a hit.

Durian Chocolate - A Malaysian Original


2 thoughts on “Durian Chocolate Anyone?

  1. I love durians too,

    I have eaten them fresh, first in London. After that I was able to buy some at one of my nearest city asian products store. Its flesh is so “beautiful” and yummy. I am an enthusiast of this fruit and hope that the people in my country get to know it and appreciate it soon, so that I don’t have to ask for it a week in advance and pay so much. Anyway, it deserves to be paid that much. For me it is an absolute delicacy.

    Isabel from Seville, Spain

    • Hi Isabel,

      Interesting you first tried them in London… may I ask where? In Chinatown? Did you have it from the fruit with the husk all intact or was it already in a sealed pack? I would guess that it is a Thai durian that you had. If you loved that one, you gotta come to Malaysia. Our durians are wider in variety and super tasty (more so that the Thai Monthongs, I have to say).

      Would you say it’s like a stinky cheese? 🙂

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